A Must Watch Masterpiece: The Dream and the Horror Hole by Satyajit

The Dream and the Horror Hole

The wait is finally over, the much-awaited short film The Dream and the Horror Hole has released yesterday on the WittyColumn channel. The film is India’s first loop abstract horror film. The response was amazing and people loved the film a lot. Director Satyajit Das, known for his another critically acclaimed film, Paintings in the Dark proved that even the lockout imposed on us will not be able to stop him from making films. He made this film himself working from home and the end result is just exceptional.

This film mainly features the dream world where we can witness a lot of things in the abstract form like some images, emotions, ideas, or sensations. Horror is one of such emotions that you visualize a lot while dreaming. So, just watch the film to take your visual experience to a new level. I am sure that this film will open the door for a new genre in Indian cinematic universe. You can watch the short film below.

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