Who We Are:

Witty Column is one among the many news and entertainment portals of India. What makes us different from others is our skillful writing with a tinge of humor to it. With the latest cutting edge technology, we do enhance your reading experience to a great extent. We cover topics like Film, Entertainment, Music, and Television. We are always on our feet to provide you constant and detailed information on the topics. We possess only one motto and that is to achieve success with our hard work.


Since the inception of our News and Entertainment Portal in 2019, it has been our vision to update our readers with the latest news before anyone else and in its trust form without any color or bias. Every news that we publish is not only fire-checked for facts but is also analyzed from a healthy and neutral point of view to give it the completeness that we are revered for. This has always been our goal and shall remain to be always.

To create a journalistic impact that acts as the foundation of an Informed and Happy Society, by providing unbiased, unaltered information that makes them capable of forming opinions and act on them. These are the pillars that not only define us and the way we do things but also shape our future-forward business processes.


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