Be Patient and Passionate, Success Will Chase You: Surajit Choudhury

Surajit Choudhury

Surajit Choudhury is a renowned face in the Bengal Mega Serials, we all know that. Slowly but steadily he is cementing his position in the Tollywood film industry. Not only Tollywood, but he has several upcoming projects in Bollywood too. We had the privilege to talk with the actor who recently started his journey as a politician. Let’s hear out his answers to our questions.

  • How did you come into the acting field?

Answer: Professionally I was a banker and from the insurance sector before stepping foot in the industry. I worked for almost 19 years in that sector. But since childhood, my dream was always to go big in the film industry as an actor. So, finally, I decided to quit my job to pursue my dream of becoming an actor.

  • Who supported you to come into this field?

Answer: Frankly speaking, I didn’t get any support, it was my sole decision.

  • Who is your role model?

Answer: No one in particular. I don’t follow anybody coz every actor has his own style of acting.

  • Name the actors with whom you would like to work in the future?

Answer: Prosenjit Chatterjee and Saswata Chatterjee.

  • What do you think is most important in this field to achieve success?

Answer: You have to be persistent in whatever you do. You must patient and also a good learner.  Most importantly, you have to be passionate about your work.

  • Who is your favorite co-actor?

Answer: No one in particular. I love working with all of my co-actors.

  • Which one is your personal favorite performance till now?

Answer: Nishikanta mama Babu in Rani Rashmoni mega serial (Zee Bangla), Nayeb Moshai in Mahatirtha Kalighat (Sun Bangla), and Subhasish Roy in film Subho Nababorsho (Yet to be released). These roles are very close to my heart.

  • Tell me something about your upcoming project?

Answer: There are many. Like the ongoing feature film Aabesh (with Madhabi Mukherjee) directed by Sourav Dutta, Bollywood film Der Raat (shot in Rajasthan and Mumbai), and new mega serials at Star Jalsa and Sun Bangla. There are a few web series in the talks too. (Every project is on hold now due to the disastrous pandemic)

  • Is there a role you have not played but would like to someday?

Answer: I would love to play the role of a comedian in the future.

  • Any funny incident from your shooting which you remember and laugh till now?

Answer: Yes it was from my first mega, Kusum Dola.  Apart from my own dialogues I also went on with the dialogues of my co-actors. The entire set was surprised to see I was going on with the dialogues of the other actor too. Everyone laughed at it a lot.

  • If you weren’t an actor, what would you have been?

Answer: Travel manager or a Businessman.

  • How would you like to prepare for a role or character?

Answer: I don’t prepare myself much earlier for any particular role. I try to analyze how this character would be. Take some views from my director and accordingly fit myself in.

  • Tell us something about your personal life?

Answer: I passed out from South Point High School and completed my graduation in B.Com Hons. from South City College. Was in the banking/ insurance sector for 19 long years as I said before. I am married and also love to travel to hills whenever I get time out.

  • When everything was going right in acting, why politics?

Answer: It was at the back of my mind always. I wanted to be a politician but was never serious about it. In the acting field, I m so lucky to be loved, motivated and cheered by public/ viewers/ friends/ well-wishers and I always wanted to return my gratitude by doing something for them. So I thought of joining politics to serve them. My political party BJP honored me and took me in as a family member. Now let’s see how I can move forward and help the masses.

  • Any message for the upcoming actors?

Answer: 3 years ago, I was a newcomer in the film industry. Initially, nobody gave me any chance but I waited for the opportunity. By God’s grace finally, I got a breakthrough in a popular mega Kusum Dola and my debut film Nabaab. In the last 3 years, I acted in 9 mega serials and 8 feature films.  So my message for the upcoming actors is pretty simple, please be patient and passionate about your work, be loyal and humble. Just focus on your goals and believe in hard work. And whenever any opportunity comes, grab it with both hands and give your best.

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