Big Little Lies – Novel that Turns into the Finest TV Series

Big Little Lies

Liane Moriarty, an Australian author wrote a very popular novel titled “Big Little Lies”. Based on this novel, maintaining the title as it is, an even more popular television series on American drama genre is being watched by millions of viewers.

On February 19, 2017, this very popular series was premiered on HBO. Many seasons produced and premiered after seeing the popularity of the program. The first season includes seven episodes, directed by Jean-Marc and written by Kelley. The first season was a miniseries, but it was renewed by HBO for a season 2. Big Little Lies Season 2 finale became a heart-throbbing episode due to its deep mystery that made it more interesting and entertaining.

Recap of Big Little Lies Season 2 Finale

The reason why the Big Little Lies season 2 finale was most-viewed because it was broadcasted as the end of the series, leaving no clue for a season 3. The season 2 finale is an unambiguous end to Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman saga. In this finale was really bombastic because of the mysteries that arose by Nicole Kidman’s Celeste and Meryl Streep’s Mary Louise. The best parts are the car accident killing Perry’s brother, the video clip of Perry that was filmed, the the role of Bonnie (Kravitz) in Perry’s death, the attempts of Madeline to counsel Ed after being red-handed by him, the efforts Mary Louise shows to retrieve the truth about the death of her son, etc.

Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies Season 3

The fans of “Big Little Lies” are anxiously expecting a season 3, as the ending in season 2 was not satisfactory. The season 2 was edited to match the whole consequences of the series, but unfortunately, it doesn’t match with the real vision of the director. HBO should take hold of this craze for a season 3 as it would be the best gift for all the fans of “Big Little Lies”.

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