Bigg Boss Telugu 2020 (Season 4) – Auditions & Online Registration Details

Bigg Boss Telugu 2020

When reality shows took its step into the television world, it faded out all other shows at once. One such show is Bigg Boss. It gained a nice range of audiences quickly on its debut. Seeing its popularity, Bigg Boss came with many versions of languages i.e. Telugu, Bengali, Kannada, Tamil, etc., but Hindi was the base.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1 got premiered on the television with its first episode on 16 July 2017. The Telugu version also got remarkable fan ratings and hence came up with more seasons. Season 4 will be hitting the audiences with more excitements. Hope this season will overrun the benchmark that it has created in all three seasons.

Want Participation?

 To become a contestant in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4, you need to wait for the opening of online registration and auditions. However, for now, you can work out a little, referring to the early procedures maintained in prevision seasons. A good arrangement of steps has been offered below.

Bigg Boss Telugu 2020

Eligibility Checker

  • Only Indian citizens with proper identity proof are accepted as a contestant.
  • Only over 18 years aged contestants are supposed to be in.
  • Before applying online, the contestant needs to prepare a video of at most 3 minutes length, which is to be used as the auditions

Musts in Auditions Video

  • The storage size of an Auditions video must be at most 50MB.
  • The video must be ending at most at the 3rd
  • The auditions video must hold your major information and skills.

Online Registration Details

  1. To get yourself registered, you have to browse either or
  2. Type-in all bug-free information.
  3. Upload your auditions video in the section provided.
  4. After reading the declaration carefully, hit the checkbox button.
  5. You will be notified if your auditions video gets loved by the examiners.

The updated procedures will be mentioned soon. Keep checking us to get it quickly once the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 Auditions & Online Registration Details 2020 gets released by the officials.


  1. Naresh 3 November, 2019 at 14:14

    నాకు బీగ్ బాస్ అంటే చాలా ఇష్టం. అందుకే నేను సీస్జన్- 4 లో పార్టీస్పేక్ట్ చేయాలని అనుకుంటున్నాను. మరియు బీగ్ బాస్ నాకు అవకాశం కల్పీంచగాలరు. అని వారితో ఇ మెసేజ్ ద్వారా తేలీయజేస్తున్నాను త్యంక్యు .

  2. Ganesh 3 November, 2019 at 22:54

    Bigg boss antey naku chala istam oksri chance evandi sir celebrity’s ki kskuda oka common man ayina naku chance evandi sir entertainment lo m thakuva kakuda chusukunta love you Bigg boss. Bigg boss season 4 lo chance ravali ani aa devuni korukutuna sir

  3. Sravani 7 November, 2019 at 20:20

    I want to be a contestant in bigg boss Telugu season 4.please bigg boss . meru naku chance istarani annukuntunna. Nenu a task icchina celebrity tho samanga cheyagalanu. Celebrities madyalo common contestant vunndali kada boss .I hope mere naku chance istharani.thank u

  4. V. Amareswari 9 November, 2019 at 10:48

    Season 4 lo participate cheyalanukuntunanu bigboss plz give a chance for common people also, plz plz plz bigboss

  5. Nenavath Sujji 14 December, 2019 at 00:38

    Hello big boss garu oka sari common man ki kuda chance evandiiii, nenu big boss game adalani annukuntunna because A COMMON MAN IS ALSO EQUAL TO CELEBRATEY and oka celebratey yalla common man tho interact avutharu ani and thank you sir

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