Building Collapsed in Dongri – Lives Trapped


Over 50 lives trapped with few dead under the four-storied (G+4) building near Dongri in south Mumbai. The unfortunate incident happened on around 11:40 AM on Tuesday, 16th of July 2019 in Tandel Street in Dongri which is a densely populated area near the Abdul Hamid Dargah on the Mohammed Ali Road. This certainly was a level-2 disaster as heard from the local authorities. A heavy crowd surrounded the area with fears and cries which made the rescue operation hindered but still many lives have been rescued.

The incident was really anguishing for the public and for our Prime Minister Narendra Modi who showed deep condolences to the sufferers. Besides, many other leaders and politicians condemned this unfortunate incident as this is repeating every year and also questioned the Government. However, the Government of Maharashtra along with NDRF and local authorities are at full action in rescuing and supporting on the spot. More than 15 families are trapped in this incident as heard from Devendra Fadnasis, Chief Minister of Maharashtra.

The rate of such accidents has been continuously raising as a result of many illegal constructions and/or a few more reasons that are not cleared till. Oppositions are asking Mumbai public to question the Government on such bad happenings. As said by Safdar Karmali, Chairman of Bai Hirabai Rahimbhai Aloo Paroo & Bai Kesharbai Dharmasey Khakoo Charitable & Religious Trust, the building was supposed to be more than 45 years old with many tenants who are not agree with paying percentage for redevelopment of the building as there are some illegal constructions have been carried out in past years.

The whole incident must be thoroughly investigated by a perfect team and the root cause to be dogged out to help taking precautions and preventive steps further to keep the city and public safe. What do you think of the incident? Do let us know your thoughts using the comments section. Stay Tuned.

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