Class of 83 Review: The Real Heroes of Mumbai Police are Here !!!

Class of 83 Review

The new Netflix movie Class of 83 has been released and is gaining positive reviews from the audience. Director, Atul Sabharwal has placed bets on five new faces in the film ‘Class of 83’, these actors are at the center of a story for the first time in their careers. The mutual synergy and scattering of the five main characters are properly woven and all of them played their part pretty nicely. The faces of Bhupendra Jadawat in the roles of Sameer Paranjpe and Pramod Shukla in the role of Aslam Khan are remembered even after the film. Bobby Deol has done a fantastic job yet again and proved that he is one of the most underrated actors of the industry. Anoop Soni and Vishwajit Pradhan have done their job well. The background music has also helped in keeping the film’s mood right from the beginning to the end and for this Viju Shah deserves special mentions. You can check out the trailer of the film below.

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