First-Ever Loop Abstract Film, The Dream and the Horror Hole

The Dream and the Horror Hole

After a sound sleep, when we enter the dream world, we witness a lot of things in the abstract form like some images, emotions, ideas, or sensations. When you are dreaming, your brain activity is pretty high. So, it creates a puzzle of imagination that you witness and feel like real. Horror is one of such emotions that you visualize a lot while dreaming. Keeping this thought in mind, Satyajit Das, known for his film, Paintings in the Dark has created an abstract film. This is the first-ever loop abstract film in the history of Indian Cinema.

Abstract films are usually experimental films where you can witness a form of abstract art. The creation of these films started in the early part of the 20th century. Since then the creation has come a long way along with the touch of modernization. In India, abstract films are pretty rare. But Satyajit Das always thinks a bit different from others. He wants to showcase all his skills. And the creation of this film will prove his knowledge of films to the film critics. You can witness the film pretty soon on the YouTube channel of WittyColumn. Subscribe the channel and stay tuned for more such interesting and entertaining content.

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