Gender Does Not Matter if You Love Your Partner’s Soul

Shadow of Love

If you make a list of things to define what love is, you’ll find yourself writing an endless list. The fact is, love is different for everyone. That’s because everyone is different. For me, love comes when you’ll willingly and happily do things for someone you care about without asking anything in return. What I find, when it comes to happy marriages, is that the people involve doing things for each other and not to each other. They don’t get angry or feel stress when helping the person they love. And they don’t try to hurt each other. Rather, they happily do it and willingly do it even without the other person asking. And they’ll feel sad to see the other person suffer. The first sign of knowing that you don’t love someone is when you find yourself not willing to do things for them.

As for gender, that’s a different thing. That’s cause gender has nothing to do with biology and everything to do with social stigma and construction. In other words, it is a subjective thing. If you as a person care about gender then gender matters. If you don’t then gender don’t matter. It is the psychological barrier within us that prevents us from doing certain things. For example, there is a feeling of disgust when some people see two men or two women close to each other. These are not biological phenomena but psychological phenomena. So if you ask me whether gender matters, I’ll have to say it depends on who you talk about but personally for me, gender does not matter when you are in deep love with someone’s soul.

The fact is quite nicely described in yet another short film by Satyajit das made during this lockdown period. The short film named Shadow of Love is based on lesbian love and will be streaming on the Youtube channel of WittyColumn from the 20th of May. So stay tuned. You can check out the film below.

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