Hunger Will be Hitting India Harder Than Coronavirus for Sure

The Hunger by Satyajit Das

The lockdown situation for India has been extended till 3rd May for the recent coronavirus pandemic. A large section of the population is thinking that this is the right step to fight the dangerous disease. But have you thought that something is going to hit India even harder than coronavirus? Yes, you are right, hunger it is. There are millions of daily-wage earners in India who are stuck in cities and other states due to the lack of transport. Have you ever thought about what they are eating now? No, you will not be able to assume that from your cozy bedrooms. In reality, most of the time they are starving. Even if they had some food, they try to save it so that they can take that small amount of food in parts for the next couple of days.

Satyajit Das, known for his debut film Paintings in the Dark, which got unlimited praise from audience and critics throughout the globe, made up his mind to show this disastrous situation of Indian daily-wage earners through a short film, The Hunger. The situation of the modern labor-class and their hardships during this pandemic is aptly described in the short film. They have no money to buy food, even if they have some money they can’t go out to buy food for themselves and their children as some of the policemen are extremely harsh on them. Presented by Tanumay Dey, you can watch this film on the official Youtube channel of Neelam Films Production. The soulful music of this short film is given by Rajdeep Dasgupta and the recitation is done by Satyajit Das himself. You can also check the film below. It will give you a harsh reality check for sure and will leave you thinking, are we really moving towards a bigger threat than the coronavirus.

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