India Move Towards Finals, New Zealand is on Backfoot

India vs New Zealand

In the ICC Cricket World Cup-2015, Team India is just a step away from creating history. The bowlers of Team India have done half work already on Tuesday, now today they have to win the battle with bat. If Team India is bats brilliantly, they will be in the final. For a reminder, India vs. New Zealand game, played in Manchester, could not be completed due to rain on Tuesday. The match will now be played on the reserve day Wednesday.

In the ICC World Cup, there is a provision of reserve day in the knockout round. According to this rule, if match is not completed on match date, then the match will be started on the very next day at the exact position where it had stopped. Previously it has happened between the match among India and England in the 1999 World Cup played. To complete the match, it is necessary that India bats 20 overs on the reserve day. If the match is not completed in the reserve day then India will go into the final because as they are ahead of New Zealand in the points table. India ended the league phase with the first position while New Zealand finished fourth.

At the time the rain came on Tuesday, the New Zealand team had scored 211 runs in 46.1 overs for 5 wickets. So, on Wednesday, the match will start from where it stopped.That means New Zealand’s innings will start with the second ball of 47 overs and again if the rain does not hamper, Team India will get the chance to play the full 50 overs. In this case, it is a matter of relief for Team India, since the game has already been dominated by the Indian bowlers. If the bowlers so the same instinct on Wednesday, the New Zealand batters will not be able to score big.

Beneficial Reserve Day for Team India

On Wednesday, New Zealand’s innings will start with the second ball of the 47th over and it will have to face the remaining 23 balls. On the other hand, the Indian batsmen will be fresh after a day off.

After 47 overs of bowling on Tuesday, Indian players got a lot of opportunity to relax. Team India’s all-rounder Hardik Pandya went out of the field on Tuesday for some time due to pain in his leg while bowling and he will also get some rest.

If it Rains on the Reserve Day

If rain continues to fall on the reserve day and the match does not start then the result of the match will be on the basis of points and the team which has more points will get the ticket to the finale . India is at the top in the points table, while New Zealand is in fourth place. Thus, India will be going to the finals in that case. Do let us know your thoughts using our comments section. Don’t forget to like, share, and follow our Facebook Page. For more informative articles like that, stay tuned with us.

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