JL50 Trailer Review: Is Time Travel Possible?

JL50 Trailer Review

While there have been so many monotonous web-series related to crime, Sony Liv brings something fresh to your plate. Their upcoming web-series JL50 is just an example of that. The trailer suggests an impossible story, where a flight took off 35 years ago and was nowhere to be found. Now, the plane is was recovered 35 years later in a wrecked state. The investigating officer for the case is Abhay Deol and while doing the investigation alongside many other theories, he came across to the theory of time travel.

The trailer created a huge amount of suspense and with actors like Abhay Deol, Pankaj Kapur, Rajesh Sharma, and Piyush Mishra on board, this series will certainly entertain us. We hope for the best and wish luck to the team of JL 50. Check out the trailer of JL50 below.

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