Make your Bedroom Vastu Friendly Using some Simple Tips and Tricks !!!

A Vastu Friendly Bedroom for a Vastu Friendly Life!!

Vastu Shashtra is the oldest form of architectural science used to place things in a proper way in your house to make your house full of positive energy. For our relaxation and privacy, we need our bedrooms so they are an integral part of our house and must be taken care of well. If the Vastu for the bedroom is not good all the family members are affected by it so we must make the vastu of the bedroom right for the well-being of the family. Some tips to get the positivity and energy flowing in your bedroom are mentioned here.

The direction of the bedroom:

If the master of the house needs prosperity in his house, his master bedroom must be in the South-west direction of the house according to the Vastu Shashtra. For unmarried people or guests in the house, a bedroom in the east is suitable. For children, who are the major part of our lives, a bedroom on the west side is perfect.

The position of Bed:

The beds of the house must be kept in a proper position too. The sleeping person must have his head towards the west or south direction and legs towards the east or north direction. The most important thing is not to keep the bed in the center of the room. Following these instructions will bring fewer tensions and long sound sleep to the person sleeping.

The material of the Bed:

Metal or iron beds bring negativity so, Vastu Shashtra prefers beds made of wood in your bedroom to get rid of any negativity.

Placement of Furniture:

In the south-west corner of the bedroom, you must keep your heavy furniture like almirah or wardrobe. You must never put a mirror in front of your bed as it is not good to have your reflection in the mirror when you are sleeping according to Vastu Shashtra.


Electro-magnetic waves can put interference on your deep sleep so electronic gadgets or appliances like TV, Laptop, PC, must not be in your bedroom.

The layout of the room:

The windows must be in the north-west or the south-east corner of your bedroom according to Vastu Shashtra. But do not let any window open which is behind you while you are asleep. And don’t put your bed under an overhead beam as sleeping under a beam is not good according to Vastu.


The attached bathroom of your room must be towards the southern side of the room and it must be always closed if it is not in use.

Removing Unnecessary things:

The old unused things and the electrical equipment must be removed from the bedroom as these old things attract dust which is harmful to health and the flow of positive energy.


Water fountains, plants, and aquariums must be kept out of the bedroom according to Vastu Shashtra.

These are the processes to use to keep a bedroom in good shape according to Vastu Shashtra. The people who follow the rules of Vastu always get prosperity and harmony in their dream home. We hope you like the article. Do let us know your thoughts.

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