‘Qlkatay Qlenkari’: Rii Sen Teams up with Satyajit Das For the First Time

Qlkatay Qlenkari

After the worldwide success of his film, Paintings in the Dark, director Satyajit Das is back again with his new venture, ‘Qlkatay Qlenkari’. The film is a murder mystery revolving around the dark Kolkata of present times where two people, Kiara and her brother Atharva get involved in a murder. They don’t know who did the murder but want to solve the mystery badly. With just a single clue, how they solve the mystery is the plot of the film. I know what you guys are thinking. About the use of the letter ‘Q’ in the title. That’s a mystery too which will be resolved only if you watch the film.

Qlkatay QlenkariIn the Kolkata film industry, there are many male detectives like Feluda, Byomkesh, and Kiriti. But a void of female detectives can be seen pretty evidently. This film will certainly fill that void to a certain extent. Rii Sen will be playing the leading role in the movie. She is teaming up with Satyajit Das for the very first time. Rii already did some fabulous movies in Gandu, Cosmic Sex, Ludu, Taser Desh, and Tin Kanya. Priyam and Anita Pradhan will be producing this Untold Production film. The shooting is going to start soon. We wish luck to the team of ‘Qlkatay Qlenkari’ for the film and all their future ventures.

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