Skulls & Roses – Auditions & Online Registration Season 2, 2020


Skulls and Roses is a unique reality show which combines two things that everyone likes, Romance and Adventure. The show has two islands one is the skull island and the other is the rose island. In the rose island, the participants will fall in love and in the skull island, their love will be tested through a serious of challenges. The show features 16 participants and all of these participants are commoners and it has 10 episodes and in each episode participant’s skills will be tested in different ways. The show is hosted by the Roadies twins, in this Raghu ram is the king of skull island and Rajiv is the king of skull island and they both try to balance out each other in this show.

The show serves pleasure and pain in equal measures and 16 participants begin their journey with a chemistry test set up Rajiv on the rose island. The participants who cannot make it on the love island are thrown into the skull island where they will be made to feel worthless and submissive. Every pleasure the participant experience in the rose island they have to face an equal amount of pain in the skull island. The interesting thing is that pairs who had deep affection in the rose island may not have them once they experience the skull island because in skull island it’s always about “ME” but in the rose island it’s about ”WE”. The winner of this show can win more than 10 lakhs and not to mention the other benefits they will get just from participating in this show.

Every episode begins on the rose Island. Contestants are then asked to find their partner for that day then the pair has to take a chemistry test which will prove the love between them. The pair with the best chemistry gets to stay on the rose island rest of them will be sent to skull island. In skull island, the worst kind of treatment will be given to them which includes unpalatable foods, sleeping on the floors and many grueling tasks. Basically, skulls and Roses is a combination of Roadies and Splitsvilla. Elimination happens when a guy and a girl are voted out by fellow contestants. Skulls and bones started their first season on 29 August and it contains 10 episodes and they are available on Amazon prime and if you want to participate in their next season then follow the below steps.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Anyone who is over 18 years of age and is adventurous can be eligible to participate in the contest.

Audition and Registration Details of Skulls and Roses Season 2, 2020:

  1. Go to their Facebook Page of Skulls and Roses or just click on the link: and click on the post inviting auditions, you’ll be taken to a Google Form. You need to have a Gmail Id to submit your information in this form. After filling all the details, submit the form.
  2. Along with the form you will be required to upload 2 photos and a 2-minute introduction video of yourself. This is not an acting audition so you can speak whatever you want in your intro video, just make it interesting and try to be natural
  3. The form will also have many other basic and personal questions, which will be filled by you with interesting and witty answers
  4. Once you submit your information then judges will decide whether or not you’ll be called for the next round.
  5. The date and time of the audition and registration have not been announced yet. We will update it as soon as it gets announced officially on the official website.

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