Tasher Ghawr Review: The Memories of Sujata will Stay for Quite Some Time !!!

Tasher Ghawr Review

Recently one of the most anticipated Bengali movies of recent times, Tasher Ghawr has been released on Hoichoi. Though its a full-length feature film, you can also call it a monologue. Every person has his own issues with the current lockdown situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The main character of the film Sujata has a few of her own too. Nowadays, she has to follow her husband’s orders every day which was earlier limited to Sundays only before the lockdown. You will find no difference in Sujata and other housewives when you start watching the film. But is it really that simple? Is Sujata really like the regular housewives? To know the answer you have to watch the film.

The cinematography of the film is brilliant and it will keep you attached with your seats till the very end. We don’t have anything new to say about the acting prowess of Swastika Mukherjee. She always amazes me with his different characters and how easily she portrays each one of them is the mark of a great actor. The only somewhat weak part you may state is the climax. It is pretty much predictable so will not give you the closing nudge. But overall, the film is more than what you expect. I will suggest you to watch the film and share your thoughts with me. You can check out the trailer of the film below.

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