The Haunted Game Begins: Khelaa Ssuru

Khelaa Ssuru

One of the fastest-growing Bengali OTT platforms in India, KLiKK strikes back with yet another astonishing Bengali web series, Khelaa Ssuru. Along with the ensemble cast of this horror thriller, the series will also be remembered for the digital debut of Ranieeta Dash and the directorial debut of renowned actor Souptick C. Other than Ranieeta Dash and Souptick C, the cast includes some big names from the entertainment industry like Indrasish Roy, Valerie Bidaut, Sujoy Prasad Chatterjee, Rana Basu Thakur, Amitav Acharya, Ashim Roy Chowdhury, and Shreyasee Samanta.

KHELAA SSURU KliKKThe story revolves around a modern couple, Abhishek and Srestha. They have been living together for some time now. After passing the Art College, Abhishekh is still trying to stamp his authority. Srestha on the other hand is trying her best to make ends meet by working day and night. She works at a beauty parlor at the day while opting to take the role of a call center executive at night. Due to his terrible habit of gambling, Abhishek is lured into the dark web of the gambling and betting universe. Srestha tries to support her both mentally and financially but she can witness her world falling apart.

If you think this is a romantic story with a couple facing the hardships of life together and live happily ever after, think again my dear friend as here comes the twist.

As the story progresses, Abhishek gets an unsold, strange international painting canvas by some weird coincidence. This painting happens to be haunted and is making them rich by playing a dangerous game repeatedly. They get entrapped in the lust for this money. But finding the truth about the painting, they become scared. Will they get their normal lives back? Will the painting leave them? Who sucks them into the lure of amassing ill-gotten wealth? Who makes life hell for them and eventually becomes a victim of these paranormal circumstances. Will any new character emerge to help them out and redeem themselves from this horror?

To get all these answers, you have to watch this amazing 9 episodes horror-thriller web series, Khelaa Ssuru.Sujoy Prasad Chatterjee in Khelaa Ssuru

The cast of the series in itself is capable enough to attract the viewers by their charisma. Especially the chemistry between the lead couple Indrasish Roy and Ranieeta Dash is a treat to watch.

Technically rather strongly mounted by debutant director Souptic C, the horror quotient of the film is eerie and astonishing. The VFX and crisp scissoring by editor- cinematographer Surajit Bandyopadhyay is commendable. The Cinematography is a plus; framed by the talented lady DoP – Sombhadra Mukherjee. Soumya Rits background music was sending chills to the spine. Musical renditions by Dev Arijit and Ikshita Mukherjee and the lyricism and compositions of the young uber-talented lyricist-composer Srabon Bhattacharya lifts the songs to a surreal level.

Produced by Sthalantar Films and Entertainment P Ltd, this series has been streaming on Klikk from the 28th of August. You can watch the trailer of the film below.

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