Top 10 Assamese Web Series

Top 10 Assamese Web Series

Assamese web series are slowly gaining their loyal audience due to the quality of its content and the topics they are touching. Big names in web content medium are taking notice of the opportunities lying in this language. We have selected some top of the game web series which are available in the Assamese language. Enjoy!

  1. Kaya

Kaya talks about three friends who are living in a flat on rent and there is a girl who is the daughter of the landlord. All three of them are in love with her. Watch their funny life as they try to woo her and thus get entangled in comic situations.

  1. Falling For You

The story follows the life of Kiara as she comes to Guwahati for higher education and also searches for his childhood love interest Nick who lives in Guwahati. Watch as she meets new friends there and also deals with her love for Nick.

  1. Bhoi

Shot in Covid19 lockdown, the series tells the story of Arnab. Arnab is a hosteller in Guwahati, each night he hears a female voice calling his name but he couldn’t catch the person behind it. Watch this horror tale which will keep you hooked.

  1. Hurray

Hurray talks about an Assamese guy’s dilemma while relating to the market of today’s world. Watch him trying to adjust to the society which is guided by money and marketing.

  1. Abanabi

This series tells the story of a few hostelers who are living in Guwahati and each one of them tells his experience dealing with the Assamese rituals and traditions. Watch this eye-opening series about the place of traditions in modern society.

  1. Duti Monar Jonak

A guy is caught between the love of two girls. He feels that the love of one of the girls is like a debt he is to repay. Watch this story of love, life, and relationship which deals with modern concepts of living life among constantly changing definitions of love and life.

  1. Bandhun

A family always remains family – this is the essence of this series. Whatever happens in the family, how far apart are the family members but there is one sacred thread that will always be there for all the people to reach back to the place which we call home.

  1. Bakul Tolor Adalot

It tells the story of a village called Bakul where people are not aware of things like cheating, fraud, and sadness. There are brotherly love and happiness all around the village. Watch the life of this beautiful village and its people.

  1. Borola Kai

A person who comes from high society of Assam is working as a teacher in a lower society in a different area of Assam. Watch how he comes to associate with people who are so different from him in social status and thinking and he starts to change his thinking regarding them.

  1. Boidehi

The series tells the story of Boidehi, a girl who is practicing as a doctor but hails from the lower section of society. She is not allowed to marry the guy whom she loves due to her lower social stature. Watch their story as they deal with the age-old social customs which won’t allow their love to bloom.

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