Top 10 Bengali Adult Web Series

Top 10 Bengali Adult TV Series

Web-series created the buzz in the Indian media industry with its arrival. Hundreds of web shows churned out in various regional languages. Bengali shows are also in the race. With no censorship issues, various platforms gave rise to adult content which was not possible before.

So here are top 10 Bengali Adult TV series to watch-

  1. CHARITRAHEEN (2018)

Based on the novel of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay, it tells the modernized version in today’s world. The story revolves around the couple Kiran/Klranmoyee (NainaGanguly) and Harius/Haran (Gourab Chatterjee) and others with whom these two get involved in search of love. The series was a hot topic due to its sensual scenes.

  1. KAMINI (2019)

Barkha Bisht in the role of Kamini brought the oomph factor brilliantly to screen. Various people in a village start to disappear due to a mysterious enchantress. It’s hot portrayal created a lot of buzzes.

  1. CHARITRAHEEN 2 (2019)

Sequel to Charitraheen it follows the life of Kiran after her husband’s death. Again hot scenes are there to create an oomph factor with a great storyline and acting. And obviously NainaGanguly with her hot portrayal wins the hearts of people.

  1. PAAP (2019)

Starring Puja Banerjee tells the story of a Durga Puja event in a 200-year-old house where two deaths happen on the same night. There is the entry of an unexpected guest which is related to murder and has a deep secret.

  1. DUPUR THAKURPO (2017)

Swastika Mukherjee starred as Uma, the new wife of Jiban Babu who is the landlord of six young bachelors. They start to lust after her and are very excited for her.

  1. HELLO (2017)

Hello starred Raima Sen and her life changes overnight when during Durga Puja she receives an MMS showing a sex scene. The story revolves around a vortex of love, betrayal, and mystery in the lives of Anonyo, his wife Nandita, and Nina with whom Anonyo has an extramarital affair. As the story proceeds, the mystery around Nina, her past, her intentions, and her association with Nandita gets deeper.

  1. MISMATCH (2018)

Mismatch tells the story of Diana who wants to spice her life by indulging in couple swapping. It’s a comedy series with lots of hotness. Both couples are bored out of their lives and want it to be happening and entertaining. The biggest problem is that they are not compatible with each other in the role of husband and wife.

  1. DO NOT DISTURB (2018)

It tells the story of six rooms where six different stories are taking place. Each episode is directed by a different director and tells the story of a single hotel room where all these stories take place.

  1. JAPANI TOY (2018)

A man named Dildo Kumar returns from Delhi to Kolkata to open a sex shop where he sells sex doll. This leads to different storylines mixing together.

  1. ONE NIGHT STAND (2017)

Starring Ambarish Banerjee, it tells the story of one mysterious girl who meets a narcissist actor and things happens.

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