Top 10 Bengali Comedy Web Series

Top 10 Bengali Comedy Web Series

Indian web content is churning out rapidly and the Bengali language industry is also not behind. They are coming with new content every month which is sensible and world-class. In it, comedy has its special role and Bengali language comedy series are not far behind in it. It is very enjoyable to laugh these stressful days especially in the wake of recent Covid-19 lockdown. So here are top 10 Bengali comedy web series-

  1. EKEN BABU (2017)

Eken Babu is a hilarious detective comedy series that tells the comedic adventures of detective Eken Babu who is a short guy with a funny face but with keen observation and deducing skills. It is aired on Hoichoi.

  1. MISMATCH (2018)

A woman who wants some thrill in her life decides to indulge in a friendly couple swapping. The outcome of this decision changes the dynamics of their relationships. The show is aired on Hoichoi.

  1. HOLY FAAK (2017)

Diya and Indra have a bitter breakup and now Diya decides to marry a groom of her father’s choice. Meanwhile, Indra’s and Diya’s grandparents try to reconcile them.

  1. JAPANI TOY (2018-)

What happens when a man tries to open a sex shop in Kolkata? The hoichoi original satire will leave you rolling on the floor laughing while also touching you sensibly.


Dhiman’s normal life changes when he is forced to embrace modern technology in his job, causing him to stray from the path of righteousness. How he changes himself forms the plot.

  1. DUPUR THAKURPO (2018-)

A simple village girl named Phulwa comes to live in town after her marriage. She becomes the hot topic of people due to her hotness. How she manages to live her life happily forms the plot of the series.


Buchu is a sweet boy who comes to Kolkata to further his studies. He begins to live with his cousin Johny and his friend Bunty. Unknown to him, they are gangsters and when he gets to know about their job, he is to face a hard decision.

  1. BOU KENO PSYCHO (2019-)

When police discover a skeleton in a tank, five housewives’ names are revealed to be connected to that skeleton. Each of these women known for terrorizing her husband and police must investigate in this matter.

  1. HA JA BA RA LA (2018)

Group of stand up comedians come together to showcase their comic skills and make you laugh. The comedians include big names like Ambarish Bhattacharya, Abhimanyu Mukherjee, Saurav Palodhi, RitabrataDass and Shubhodip Ghosh.

  1. STAND UP (2019)

This 3 episode series is created by Abhimanyu Mukherjee and stars Chandroday Pal, Dipangshu Acharya, and Yashoroop Dey as they come and make you laugh through their stand up tactics.

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