Top 10 Bengali Movies of Biplab Chatterjee

Top 10 Bengali Movies of Biplab Chatterjee

Popular for playing negative roles, Biplab Chatterjee is an Indian actor who is prominent in the Bengali cinema. Starting his career with the renowned film director Satyajit Ray, he touched new heights in the Bengali film industry by playing character roles that were negative. Apart from acting in films, he was also a candidate for assembly election from Rashbehari constituency. His top 10 Bengali films are-


Joi Baba Felunath is based on Satyajit Ray’s novel of the same name and follows the story of sleuth Felud and his cousin Jatayu when they arrive in Benaras and get involved in the mystery of the theft of a lord Ganesh’s statute from a Bengali family. A Marwari businessman is also after that statue and warns Feluda to not interfere. Biplab played the role of Bikas, a member of the family who is bribed by Marwari to get him the statue. But Bikas is unable to find the statue on the decided night because it is already stolen. The film is stored in Academy Film Archives by the suggestion of Meryl Streep and Robert Redford.

  1. PATALGHAR (2003)

Patalghar is a science-fiction Bengali film which is about a device that generates sound waves that can put any person to sleep. Just as Dr. Aghor Sen makes this device, an alien named Vik comes from outer space to steal it but Dr. uses this device on him and makes him sleep. 150 years later Dr. Bhoothnath finds the diary and tries to find the path to Patalghar, a storage house made by Dr. Aghor to save the device. In the process, they wake up Vik. Biplab played the role of alien Vik in the film.

  1. PHATIK CHAND (1983)

Phatik Chand tells the story of a boy named Bablu who is kidnapped by Shyamlal and Raghu and loses his memory when confronted with an accident. Bablu can’t remember his name so take up the alias of Phatik Chand and a street magician named Harun helps him. Shyamlal tries to kidnap Bablu again to get the prize money on Bablu’s head. Biplab in the role of Shyamlal got praise. The film received the Best Feature film Award at International Children’s Film Festival in Vancouver.

  1. ULLAS (2012)

Ullas comprises of three stories, all related to a tribal protagonist. The first one is about a boy Kanna, who comes alive after being dead. Second is about Mahadu, who become humongous in size and destroys buildings. Third is about a girl who gets pregnant and takes her revenge.  Biplab played the role of Dikpal in the film.

  1. MRS. SEN (2013)

Biplab played the role of Somnath’s father. Somnath is the husband of Anuradha who already has a wife and daughter in Thailand. One day Anuradha receives a phone call about Somnath’s accident and she goes to Thailand is surprised to know that Sohini is another wife of Somnath along with an 8-year-old daughter. While Somnath told Anuradha that he was unable to give her child. In the end, Somnath dies leaving both Mrs. Sen alone.

  1. 3 KANYA (2012)

3 Kanya intertwines stories of 3 girls. Aparna, a journalist, whose husband is kidnapped gets to know that he was having an affair with Damini, an IPS officer. Nancy is a call girl, who is raped and goes to Aparna. Biplab played the role of Biswananth Bannerjee in the film.

  1. PRATIDWANDI (1970)

Pratidwandi is about Siddharta, an educated middle-class man who is trapped in social unrest situations as he cannot align himself with either his Naxalite revolutionary brother or his career-oriented sister. It is the debut film of Biplab and he is not in the credits.

  1. SHOTRU (2011)

Biplab Played the role of corrupt DSP in this movie. DSP is the mole of Arjun Sarkar, a real state agent but actually a kidnapper. Dibakar Singha, an inspector is on the tail of Arjun and during the story, he comes to know about DSP’s involvement.

  1. WANTED (2010)

Biplab played the role of ShubhankarBannerjee, a colleague to political leader Amarnath Ganguly who hires Raja and Joy to shoot him so that he can acquire sympathy votes. But before Raja can do something, someone kills Amarnath and the blame is on Raja.

  1. JIBON NIYE KHELA (1999)

The movie revolves around Dr. Shubhankar who comes to a village hospital and wins the hearts of villagers but the chief of the hospital and other people tries to make him go away because of his honesty. Biplab was cited for his acting in the film.

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