Top 10 Bengali Movies of Dipankar De

Top 10 Bengali Movies of Dipankar De

Dipankar De is an Indian film and television actor who is prominent in Bengali language films. He started his career with renowned film director Satyajit Ray and appeared in many films of his. A National Film Award-winning actor Dipankar De is considered to be a versatile actor in the industry. His top 10 movies are-

  1. PARAMA (1985)

Parama tells the story of a Bengali housewife, Paroma who is never considered to be an individual by her family. When a journalist asks her- “What does she think?”, her revelation about herself begins. Later she got rejected by her family for posing for photographs in a magazine. She finds her voice after trying to commit suicide. Dipankar De played the role of husband of Paroma and won National Film Award for Best Supporting Actor.

  1. JANA ARANYA (1976)

This critically acclaimed film was directed by Satyajit Ray and tells the story of Somnath, a middle-class youth who decides to start his own business of self-appointed salesman rather than doing a job. He uses the idea of using a prostitute to convince the client for buying his product. Dipankar De played the role of Bhombhol.

  1. SEEMABADDHA (1971)

Seemabaddha was the debut film of Dipankar De where he worked for Satyajit Ray. The film tells the story of a strike in a factory caused by Shyamal, a sales manager in a fan manufacturing firm. Shyamal has planned the strike to stop the shipment of defective fans as delay will lead to the cancellation of the order.

  1. GANASHATRU (1990)

Ganashatru translates to Enemy of People. This film tells the story of Ashoke Gupte who finds that the Temple in the town is responsible for water contamination which is causing widespread jaundice. His brother Nishith is the chairman of the temple and is not relenting to spread this news. Dipankar De was uncredited in the film.


ShakhaProshakhatells the story of Ananda who is honest in his life. His two sons are corrupt and he doesn’t know about it. Probir is a businessman and Probodh is in a job. His third son Proshanto is the only one who is honest. When he realizes the corrupt ways of his other two sons, he is heartbroken. Dipankar de played the role of corrupt son Probir.

  1. AGANTUK (1991)

Agantuk tells the story of Anila Bose who receives a letter of her long lost uncle Manomohan Mitra who is coming for a few days before leaving for abroad. Anila doesn’t remember him so everyone in the house suspects that Manomohan is a fraud and come here to claim the share of Anila’s father’s inheritance. Dipankar de played the role of Sudhindra Bose, husband of Anila.

  1. UNISHE APRIL (1994)

Unishe April tells the story of Aditi and Sarojini. Sarojini is an award-winning dancer but her life is disturbed due to her success. Her husband is resentful of her success and later dies due to which Aditi, her daughter turns bitter towards her. On the death anniversary, Aditi and Sarojini have talked with all the bitterness from past years leading to confrontation on many fronts. Dipankar De played the role of Somnath in this National Film Award-winning film.

  1. UTSAB (2000)

Utsab tells the drama of a family on the auspicious day of Durga puja when all the family members are present in the native house. A relative, Shishir wants to buy the house as he is a real estate agent. Some of the relatives want to sell the house while the owner doesn’t. Dipankar De played the role of Shishir in the movie.


Hemlock Society deals with the story of Meghna who wants to commit suicide after her mother’s death and knowing that her father is involved with another woman. She enters into Hemlock Society, an institution which gives technical know-how of committing suicide run by Dr. Anand Ker. Hemlock Society makes people realize the importance of life and turns Meghna’s life. Dr. Ananda Ker is himself fighting with Lymphocytopenia, which will result in his death after 2 years. Dipankar De played the role of Dr. Chittaranjan Basu award-winning who is Meghna’s father.

  1. AHAA RE (2019)

The film tells the story of Farhaz Chowdhary and Basundhara around the food and cooking. It tells the emotions and feelings invested in cooking that makes it an art form. Dipankar De played the role of Abhijit Sen, stepfather of Farhaz.

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