Top 10 Bengali Movies of Jeet

Top 10 Bengali Movies of Jeet

Jeet is an Indian actor, producer and television presenter who works primarily in Bengali cinema. Recipient of numerous awards he is the star of commercial films in Bengali cinema. His films At which makes him a popular name in the industry. His top 10 movies are-

  1. SATHI (2002)

Sathi is the tale of Bijoy and Sonali. Bijoy is an aspiring singer who accidentally pushes Sonali from the building and she turns blind. Bijoy loves Sonali and for her, he sacrifices everything he has hoped to achieve. In the end how they meet forms the plot of the story. Jeet won various awards for his role as Jeet.

  1. MANIK (2005)

Samir acts as Manik in Manik’s household when Manik meets an accident in front of his eyes and dies. Samir, now Manik tries to solve various problems in Manik’s house but when his real identity is revealed before the family, things take an interesting turn. Jeet in the role of Sameer/Manik gained much acclaim.

  1. ABHIMAAN (2016)

This is the story of Aditya and his struggle to reunite his grandfather with his aunt as his aunt hates his grandfather when he rejected her due to her marriage with the man she loved. Aditya poses as the driver in the household and tries to mend the things. Jeet played the role of Aditya.

  1. JOR (2008)

Surya makes Indrajit, a gang leader his enemy when tries to save Sumi from him and hide her from Indrajit. Indrajit uses his power to find Sumi and kill Surya. Surya is a sportsperson and has won championships but now in this struggle, his career is also at stake. Jeet played the role of Surya.

  1. SANGEE (2003)

Bijay falls in love with Rupa and tries to woo her at every moment but when he gets to know that Rupa is his friend Rana’s younger sister he sacrifices his love because of the tragedy which happened in Rana’s past. How Bijay and Rupa get together, in the end, forms the plot. Jeet played Bijay.

  1. BANDHAN (2004)

Jeet acting as Rohit is the husband of Mina who has married Mina against her father’s wishes. Much time has passed and now Rohit is invited by his inlaws in Mina’s cousin’s wedding. Rohit is humiliated in Mina’s household at every moment. How he comes to make them love him forms the story of the film.

  1. YUDDHO (2005)

It is the story of honest officer Agnishwar Roy and how it comes across criminal politicians in Uttarpura police station. Towards the end, he kills the crime lord by breaking the law. Jeet played the role of Suraj Sinha, a sub-inspector who becomes a police officer admiring Agnishwar.

  1. WANTED (2010)

Raja and Joy are professional assassins and they are hired by politician Amarnath Ganguly to stage his own murder to gain sympathy votes. Raja is betrayed by Joy when Joy kills Amarnath Ganguly on the instructions of Secretary of Amarnath. Raja is convicted of the crime. Jeet played the Raja who has to prove his innocence.

  1. DUI PRITHIBI (2010)

Rahul gets into a challenge that he can make Nandini fall in love with him. In doing so he actually falls in love with her but Nandini comes to know about the challenge and is hurt. Rahul tries to make amends. Rahul, a wealthy and happy-go-lucky character is played by Jeet.

  1. BOSS: BORN TO RULE (2013)

It is the story of Surya, a rookie in the gangster mafia world who has come to become the mafia don of the city and control all illegal activities. In doing so he befriends many and makes an enemy of the more. Surya is played by Jeet.

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