Top 10 Bengali Movies of Laboni Sarkar

Top 10 Bengali Movies of Laboni Sarkar

Laboni Sarkar is an Indian actress who works prominently in the Bengali film industry i.e. Tollywood. She started her career in 1992 and since then has gained three BFJA awards over a career of 30 years. Her top 10 movies are-

  1. SHANGHARSHA (1995)

A village is a battleground for two powerful personalities, one of them is a politician while the other one is a doctor. Who wins in the end forms the plot of the film. In doing so there is lots of bloodshed and killing.

  1. KAALPURUSH (2005)

Rahul Bose has a dysfunctional marriage with his wife and also he is trying to make peace with his father who is long past dead. The film narrates in a non-linear fashion and was praised for its unique screenplay.


Debabrata is motivated by Netaji Shubhash Chandra Bose’s vision to fight against corruption in the system. Otherwise, he is berated by his fellow employees. What happens then forms the plot of the film. Laboni Sarkar played the role of Debabrata’s wife.

  1. BOXER (2018)

Boxer tells the story of an 18-year-old boxer, Ronny who has got the license of life but he must win many hurdles to become the Boxing champion for his first love Jinia. Laboni Sarkar played the role of Sanghamitra Sengupta.


The film revolves around a cursed nighty that transforms Monika from a shy girl to a sexy and attractive woman when the nighty is handed over to her by Raja. The film starred Paoli Dam and Parambrata Chatterjee along with Laboni Sarkar in the role of Bonolakshmi Tagore.

  1. PARINEETA (2019)

The film tells the story of Mehul as she tries to clear the name of Babai, her love interest from the rape charges. She considers him to be her husband when he put colored Gulal on her head. Laboni Sarkar played the role of Babai’s mother.

  1. APARADHI (2009)

Aparadhi tells the story of Prosanto, a big businessman who is very much in love with his wife Debi. When Debi gives birth to twins, an antagonist in their lives Charandas tries to destroy Prosanto. How he does so forms the plot of the film.


Ria Bannerjee is a writer and hates men but eventually get married to a perfect guy named Deb Das. But on the first night, Deb Das dies. Ria goes to Yamlok to revive her husband again.

  1. LE CHAKKA (2010)

Le Chakka tells the story of Abir and his struggle to take control of his house through a cricket match with his cricket team named 11 bullets. The team has a bad record of losing matches. Laboni Sarkar played the role of Abir’s mother.

  1. CHANDER BARI (2007)

The film tells the story of a joint family and the struggles of women in the house to keep the family intact. How they do this forms the plot of the film.

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