Top 10 Bengali Movies of Mamata Shankar

Top 10 Bengali Movies of Mamata Shankar

Mamata Shankar is an Indian actress who works prominently in Bengali films. In her career, she has worked with Satyajit Ray, Mrinal Sen, Rituparno Ghosh, and many critically acclaimed Bengali film directors. Along with doing acting, she is also a dancer and choreographer. Her top 10 movies are-

  1. MRIGAYAA (1976)

The film tells the story of tribal areas where Ghinua is promised to be rewarded if he brings down a ‘big game’. When his wife is abducted, Ghinua kills the moneylender and thinks that it is the big game but something else happens. Mamata Shankar played the role of Dungri.

  1. AGANTUK (1991)

Agantuk tells the story of Anila Bose who receives a letter of her long lost uncle Manmohan Mitra who is coming for a few days before leaving for abroad. Anila doesn’t remember him so everyone in the house suspects that Manomohan is a fraud and come here to claim the share of Anila’s father’s inheritance. Mamata Shankar played the role of Anila.

  1. EK DIN PRATIDIN (1980)

The daughter of an economically middle-class family fails to return home one night. Her family worries, make searches and evolves into a deep crisis, more so because she is the only breadwinner in the family. Mamata Shankar played the role of Chinu.

  1. GANASHATRU (1990)

Ganashatru translates to Enemy of People. This film tells the story of Ashoke Gupte who finds that the Temple in the town is responsible for water contamination which is causing widespread jaundice. His brother Nishith is the chairman of the temple and is not relenting to spread this news.


ShakhaProshakha tells the story of Ananda who is honest in his life. His two sons are corrupt and he doesn’t know about it. Probir is a businessman and Probodh is in a job. His third son Proshanto is the only one who is honest. When he realizes the corrupt ways of his other two sons, he is heartbroken. Mamata Shankar played the role of Tapti, Probir’s wife.

  1. DAHAN (1997)

The film tells the story of Romita as she is saved from rape on the road but later gets raped by her husband. She is helped another woman and how these events change her life forms the plot of the film. Mamata Shankar played the role of Romita’s sister-in-law.

  1. UTSAB (2000)

A family drama unfolds on the occasion of Durga Puja when all family members of an age-old family line are gathered in the ancestral home. Shishir, one of the relative is adamant about selling the house while the oldest family member is not allowing to do so. Mamata Shankar played the role of Parul.

  1. JAATISHWAR (2014)

Jaatishwar is about Rohit, who goes to Portugal and there meets a man named Kushal Hazra who claims to be re-incarnation of Hensman Anthony, a 19th-century folk poet. He is told that he has reincarnated because he left some work incomplete which he must do completely. Mamata Shankar played the role of Mahamaya’s mother.


Two young men, Apu and Andy take each other’s place in the US and Bengal respectively when they travel for their dreams. They meet with a girl related to Bengal and this changes their lives.


Shah Jahan Regency tells the story of a hotel named Shahjahan and it’s occupants through the eyes of the protagonist Arnab Sarkar. It showed the behavior of an elite class of Bengalis who come to live in the hotel. Mamata Shankar played the role of Mrs. Sarkar, mother of Arnab.

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