Top 10 Bengali Movies of Mimi Chakraborty

Top 10 Bengali Movies of Mimi Chakraborty

Mimi Chakraborty is an Indian actress and politician. She works prominently in Bengali language films and has been listed in most desirable women of the Calcutta list. Started his career from TV, Mimi gained popularity by GaanerOparey. In 2019 she was elected as MP of Jadavpur. Her top 10 movies are-


The film two stories- one of Joyeeta and Abheek and another of Noor and Rhea. Both are couples and they meet a bus accident. Abheek, Noor, and Rhea are on one bus while Joyeeta is in another. Joyeeta and Noor die in the accident. This comes together to form the plot of the story. Mimi played the role of Rhea.

  1. PROLOY (2013)

Proloy depicts the events happening in a village named Dukhia where rapes are very prevalent. The local leader controls the police so one leader named Barun tries to reform this. He is murdered in cold blood. His friend Binod Dutta comes to the village and uses illegal ways to prevent the rapes. A police officer named Animesh tries to save the last of the criminals from a mystery man who is killing bad boys. Mimi played the role of Durga in the film.

  1. DHANANJAY (2017)

The film is based on the real-life Dhananjay Chatterjee who was hanged to death for the murder of Hetal Parekh. Dhananjay pleads not guilty at every level of court in India including President of India but his appeal was refused everywhere. Mimi played the role of advocate Kavya Sinha.

  1. KHAAD (2014)

Khaad tells the story of survivors of a bus accident who are stuck in a place where no human contact is possible. To spend the night each one of them starts revealing a secret which they will leave behind. In the end, it is revealed that each of them has died and it was their soul which was revealing secrets. Mimi played the role of Punam.

  1. GANGSTER (2016)

Gangster tells the story of Kabir and how he became the gangster lord Guru. His life’s journey begins with killing a cellmate in jail on the orders of Jamal whom he considers his ‘baba’. Mimi played the wife of Kabir/ Guru named Ruhi.

  1. TOTAL DADAGIRI (2018)

Joy falls in love with Jonaki but Jonaki’s father is against this. The couple now tries to convince the father of Jonaki. There is a battle for love and ideals in the film. Mimi played the role of Jonaki, an MBA student.

  1. POSTO (2017)

Grandparents and parents of Posto, a child fight for the custody of the child. Posto lives with his grandparents while his parents visit him once a week due to their work time schedule. Later when the tries to take Posto away from his grandparents they fight a legal battle. Mimi played the role of Sushmita, Posto’s mom.

  1. KELOR KIRTI (2016)

Kelor Kirti is based on the topic of an extra-marital affair in the lives of 3 couples. Guru teaches his other friends about the benefits of extramarital affairs and things change when the three wives come to know of this. Mimi played the role of Rima.


Rudra, a pizza delivery boy one day comes in contact with ghosts in a house where he has to deliver the pizza. He comes alive of the mansion but after living an unreal life there. No one is believing him that he has seen ghosts. Mimi played the role of Anu, Rudra’s live-in girlfriend.

  1. VILLAIN (2018)

Two women Riya and Sneha meet on a plane and discuss their boyfriends. It is later revealed that they are talking about the same person. Mimi played the role of Riya.

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