Nusrat Jahan is an Indian actress who works prominently in Bengali language films and considered a beauty icon there. She rose to prominence by winning a beauty contest in Bengal and later garnered good roles in leading movies. She is an elected MP for Basirhat. Her top 10 movies are-

  1. HAR HAR BYOMKESH (2015)

Byomkesh is invited by Deepnarayan for his recovery party but the very next he dies under suspicious circumstances. Byomkesh decides to search in this case. His doubt also leads to questioning Shakuntala, wife of Deepnarayan who is now pregnant. Shakuntala is played by Nusrat Jahan.

  1. KELOR KIRTI (2016)

Kelor Kirti is based on the topic of an extra-marital affair in the lives of 3 couples. Guru teaches his other friends about the benefits of extramarital affairs and things change when the three wives come to know of this. Nusrat Jahan played the role of Urvashi.

  1. LOVE EXPRESS (2016)

Ram Shibo Prasad has made a rule that anyone who commits 100 mistakes will be eliminated from his house. The film takes an interesting turn when his daughter completes those 100 mistakes. Other members of the family are also tired of this rule. Nusrat played the role of Neelasha who is an outsider and accidentally joins the family during traveling.

  1. ZULFIQAR (2016)

Zulfiqar adapted the elements of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet along with Antony and Cleopatra. Nusrat played the role of Rani Talapatra based on Cleopatra. Zulfiqar loves Talapatra despite being married to another woman.

  1. ONE (2017)

Ronojoy and his friends are trainee policemen who are vigilante by the night. They take action against a corrupt businessman Aditya which forms the plot of the story. Nusrat played the role of Megha in the film.

  1. AMI JE KE TOMAR (2017)

Aditya, a millionaire falls in love with Esha while his business associate and friend Prachi also loves him but couldn’t say so. They become best buddies. Their life gets turbulent when Esha’s past comes to haunt her in the present. Esha is played by none other than Nusrat Jahan.

  1. BOLO DUGGA MAIKI (2017)

Shamus leaves his house but gets mangled in a tough situation when he sends his selfie with a pretty girl to his friends who post it on Facebook. The girl Uma’s family accept Shamyo as her husband which complicates the things. Uma is played by Nusrat Jahan.

  1. ASUR (2020)

Aditi is in love with his friend and artist Kigan who is a devotee of Goddess Durga. When Kigan mocks Aditi’s father in front of other people for considering him his future would-be son-in-law, Aditi’s father dies which creates a problem between them. Aditi is played by Nusrat Jahan.


The film tells the story of an aspiring band musician named Haripada who wants to do big in the music industry and wants to marry Sweety, his music video actress. How he comes to do so forms the plot of the film. Sweety is played by Nusrat Jahan.

  1. KHOKA 420 (2013)

Megha and Krish are in love. Megha convinces Krish to act as Bhoomi’s boyfriend to save Bhoomi, her cousin’s parents to marry her. Bhoomi also falls in love with Krish. What happens next forms the plot of the film. Megha is played by Nusrat Jahan.

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