Top 10 Bengali Movies of Parambrata Chatterjee

Top 10 Bengali Movies of Parambrata Chatterjee

Parambrata Chatterjee is an Indian actor and singer who works prominently in the Bengali cinema. With a significant following in West Bengal, he has sung for many films along with acting in various telefilms, short films, feature films. He made his Hindi film debut with Kahaani alongside Vidya Balan. He also started direction with Jiyo Kaka. His top 10 Bengali movies are-


Hemlock Society deals with the story of Meghna who wants to commit suicide after her mother’s death and knowing that her father is involved with another woman. She enters into Hemlock Society, an institution which gives technical know-how of committing suicide run by Dr. Anand Ker. Hemlock Society makes people realize the importance of life and turns Meghna’s life. Dr. Ananda Ker is himself fighting with Lymphocytopenia, which will result in his death after 2 years. Parambrata Chatterjee won AnadlokPuruskar for Best Actor (Male) category for his role as Ananda Ker.

  1. NISHIJAPON (2005)

Nishijapon is about a group of people who are stuck in a house on a mountaintop when an earthquake happens and there is no way of going down. With the shortage of food and electricity, they turn to each other to satisfy their needs and the fight begins. Parambrata Chatterjee played the role of Shyamal Das in the movie and won BFJA’s Most Promising Actor Award.

  1. HAWA BODOL (2013)

The movie is about an interchange of souls of two friends Raj and Jeet. Each one wants the life of the other one and when they get the life they want they manage accordingly. Parambrata Chatterjee played the role of Jeet, a partner in big architect firm which he inherited from his father in law. Parambrata Chatterjee won Zee Bangla Gaurav Samman Award for the film.

  1. CINEMAWALA (2016)

Cinemawala presents the current situation of Indian cinematic conditions in light of piracy and illegal business of movie distribution. Tells the story of a cinema hall owner Pranabendu Das who dislikes his son Prakash’s illegal business of selling CDs and DVDs. When Prakash’s business of DVD Home Theatre works Pranabendu is very disturbed and decides to sell his cinema hall. Parambrata Chatterjee was nominated for Filmfare Awards for Best Supporting Actor- Bengali category for playing Prakash.

  1. APUR PANCHALI (2013)

ApurPanchali tells the story of actor Subir Banerjee who played Apu in Satyajit Ray’s critically acclaimed trilogy PatherPanchali. Parambrata Chatterjee played the role of young Subir. The film was screened at the International Film Festival of India was received warmly.

  1. HEMANTAR PAKHI (2001)

It is the story of a Bengali housewife who starts her writing career after 23 years of marriage. Her success as the writer brings new twists in her life and her husband and children start to have an altogether different attitude towards her. In the end, she leaves her career for the sake of the family. Parambrata Chatterjee played the role of husband of the protagonist and the film won the National Film Award for the Best Feature film in Bengali.

  1. DOSAR (2006)

The story tells two stories, both of them dealing with the issue of an extramarital affair. The first one is about Kaushik and Kaberi where Kaushik is caught in an accident where his mistress is declared dead and his wife Kaberi gets to know about it. The second one is about two theatre-goers Brinda and Bobby who are having an affair. When Brinda becomes pregnant, Bobby is unsure of the father of the child but still stands by Brinda’s side. Parambrata Chatterjee played the role of Bobby and the film won National Film Award in Special Mention and various other awards also.

  1. KADAMBARI (2015)

Kadambari tells the story of Kadambari Devi, the sister-in-law of Rabindranath Tagore. Parambrata Chatterjee played the role of Rabindranath Tagore in the film. Rabindranath was 7 years old when Kadambari came into the house and after 4 months she committed suicide.

  1. KAALBELA (2009)

Kaalbela tells the story of an innocent youth Animesh who gets involved in the Naxalite movement of the 1970s and becomes communist and in turn gets involved in bloodshed and revolution. Parambrata Chatterjee played the role of Animesh brilliantly and he was critically acclaimed for the role.


Ayan, a director comes to a palace-likehouse where a ghost tells him the story of ghosts. Ayan decides to make a movie about this. Parambrata Chatterjee acted in the film as Ayan. The film was remade in Hindi as Gang of Ghosts.

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