Top 10 Bengali Movies of Payel Sarkar

Top 10 Bengali Movies of Payel Sarkar

Payel Sarkar is an Indian actress who works prominently in Bengali language films. She started her acting career working in Bengali language television serials and later got the chance in movies. She has also appeared in Hindi television serials. Her top 10 movies are-

  1. LE CHAKKA (2010)

Le Chakka tells the story of Abir and his struggle to take control of his house through a cricket match with his cricket team named 11 bullets. The team has a bad record of losing matches. Payel Sarkar played the role of Rani.


The film two stories- one of Joyeeta and Abheek and another of Noor and Rhea. Both are couples and they meet a bus accident. Abheek, Noor, and Rhea are on one bus while Joyeeta is in another. Joyeeta and Noor die in the accident. This comes to form the plot of the story. Payel played the role of Jayeeta.

  1. AGANTUKER PORE (2015)

The film is the sequel to Satyajit Ray’s award-winning film Agantuk and tells the story of a couple as they get a letter of the arrival of a guest but later doubts him to be the real one.

  1. EAGOLHER CHOKH (2016)

Rich entrepreneur Bishan Roy is suspected of the murder of a young woman connected to him. ACP Shabor Dasgupta and his assistant Nanda go on a hunt for the killer of the young woman. Payel Sarkar played the role of Nandini Sen.

  1. JAMAI BADAL (2019)

Krish meets Barsha and falls in love with her but Barsha has a condition that she will only marry an orphan boy. For this Krish pretends to be an orphan but he has a father and a brother. Payel Sarkar played the role of Preety.


Megh and Hiya end their relationship to follow their respective paths in their career. But later they realize that they can’t live without each other but it’s too late. What happens then forms the plot of the film. Payel Sarkar played the role of Hiya.

  1. CHOTUSKHONE (2014)

This film is a thriller and follows the story of a man who tries to take revenge from his mentally ill brother’s enemies one by one over a game of cards. How he manages to do so and if he becomes successful forms the plot of the movie. Payel Sarkar played the role of Nilanjana.

  1. AMANUSH 2 (2015)

Raghu is a troubled child who takes revenge for his father’s suicide by burning his house down and killing his mother. Later he falls in love with the girlfriend of his friend named Riya which creates complications. Payel Sarkar played the role of Riya.

  1. HEMANTA (2016)

Hemanta returns from the US after attending film school to find out that his father has been dead for the last three years and his mother is having an affair with his uncle. Payel Sarkar played the role of Olipriya.

  1. JIO PAGLA (2017)

Ananta, Sujoy, Ananda, and Dhol are four friends who are looking for a house to live together. Due to the condition of being married two of them decides to change into a female so that 4 of them can live together. This creates chaos in their lives. Payel Sarkar played the role of Nandita.

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