Top 10 Bengali Movies of Uttam Kumar

Top 10 Bengali Movies of Uttam Kumar

Uttam Kumar was an Indian actor, director, producer, and singer who worked primarily in the Bengali cinema. Considered a ‘Mahanayak’ he worked with world-famous directors like Satyajit Ray, Bimal Roy, RitwikGhatak and many more. Recipient of numerous National Film Award he is considered to be one of the most brilliant actors from India. His top 10 movies are-

  1. HARANO SUR (1957)

Alok Mukherjee is an amnesiac who is nursed by doctor Roma in her country house and both fall in love with each other. Things turn when Alok remembers his past life as a wealthy businessman and forgets about Roma. How Roma makes things work between them forms the plot. Uttam Kumar gained critical acclaim for his role of Alok.

  1. SAPTAPADI (1961)

Krishnendu, a Hindu young man falls in love with Rina, a Christian but they couldn’t get together due to their religious differences. The film follows flashbacks as Krishnendu remembers his past with Rina. Uttam Kumar won BFJA’s best actor award for his role of Krishnendu.

  1. CHIRIYAKHANA (1967)

Chiriyakhana starred Uttam Kumar in the role of Byomkesh Bakshi who along with his assistant Ajittakes on a case where he has to find a singer among the 8 suspects. The case is handed over to him by an ex-judge and rich merchant Nishantnath.


Hensman Anthony, commonly known as Antony Firingee became a Bengali language poet in the early part of the 19th century. The story revolves around his love for a courtesan Shakila, who later marries and faces social ostracization.Uttam Kumar won National Film Award for the best actor for his role as Antony Firingee.

  1. NAYAK (1966)

Nayak tells the behind the scenes story of a famous actor Arindam Mukherjee who is traveling by train to Delhi for an award ceremony. Aditi, a journalist who dislikes him tries to interrogate him to gain more readership for her magazine. Arindam gradually reveals his insecurities and thoughts to Adiit which makes her pity him.Uttam Kumar played the role of Arindam.

  1. STREE (1972)

Madhav Dutta hires Sitapati as his cameraman unaware of the fact that Sitapati is the former lover of his wife Mrinmoyee. Madhav Dutta is himself an adulterer and this negligence causes the turmoil in his personal life when his wife rekindles her relationship with Sitapati. Uttam Kumar played the role of Madhav Dutta.

  1. AMANUSH (1975)

Madhusudan Roy Chaudhary ‘Madhu’ is a young man who is on the verge of destruction due to his animal-like nature. He is the son of a wealthy family that has been created by its Muneem. How Madhu reforms his life and avengesMuneem forms the plot of the story. Madhu is none other than Uttam Kumar.

  1. ANAND ASHRAM (1977)

The film tells the story of Thakur, his son Deepak and his grandson Prakash. Deepak has left the home of Thakur when he married a poor girl irrespective of his father’s opposition. Thakur adopted an estranged child and named him Prakash. Years later Prakash is hired by a man named Doctor who is revealed to be his father. Uttam Kumar played the role of Dr. Deepak.

  1. SABAR UPAREY (1955)

Shankar Chatterjee tries to prove his father Prashanta Chatterjee’s innocence after 12 years of imprisonment along with his girlfriend Rita. Shankar is convicted of murdering his lover Hemangini. Uttam Kumar played the role of Shankar.

  1. NAYIKA SANGBAD (1967)

Urmila, a popular film actress, accidentally misses a train somewhere in the midway to her new shooting spot. She takes shelter in the quarter of the station master Alok for the next few days and falls in love with the new place as well as its people. Alok is played by Uttam Kumar.

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