Top 10 Bollywood Movies of Rajinikanth

Top 10 Bollywood Movies of Rajinikanth

Rajnikanth is an Indian actor who has appeared in over 160 films, predominantly in Tamil Cinema. He began his film career by playing antagonistic and supporting roles before graduating to a lead actor. He is considered the greatest actor in the Tamil film industry. Apart from working in the Tamil industry, he has also worked in Hindi films. His top 10 movies are-

  1. ANDHA KANOON (1983)

Vijay is planning to take revenge from three men who have killed his family. He is aided by Jan Akhtar Khan who has just been released from jail. Vijay’s sister Inspector Durga Devi is also on the vengeance mission but with the help of law. Vijay and his sister’s paths cross while this. Rajnikanth played the role of Vijay.

  1. JEET HAMARI (1983)

Raju is raised by a thief and he becomes a thief. The story takes an interesting turn when he meets his family but as the enemy. How he comes to know his past forms the plot of the film.  Rajnikanth played the role of Raju.


Things seem to go in Janardhan’s favor when the wily Gajju brings out a new witness – none other than Jani – who is now masquerading as John. Gajju hopes to kill Janardhan and thus prevent John from avenging his death – and nothing will stop Gajju from carrying out his evil plan. Rajnikanth played a triple role in the film.

  1. WAFADAAR (1985)

Sager asks his servant Ranga to woo Rajgiri’s daughter Seeta and marry her. Ranga is unaware that Daya’s motive is to kill Seeta to possess her father’s fortune. How he comes to know about Sager’s plan forms the plot of the film. Ranga is played by Rajnikanth.

  1. BEWAFAI (1985)

Asha loves Ashok but she is not able to confess her feelings to him. When she hears that Ashok is caring for Renu, she gets jealous and things turn ugly. Rajnikanth played the role of Ranvir in the film.

  1. CHAALBAAZ (1989)

The film is loosely based on film Seeta Aur Geeta. The film tells the story of Anju and Manju, twin girls who are separated at birth. Anju grows up with her uncle who keeps her intimidated while Manju grows up in a slum area. How they meet forms the plot of the film. Rajnikanth played the role of Jaggu, the taxi driver friend of Manju in the film.

  1. HUM (1991)

Hum tells the story of Tiger and his revenge from the local don Bakhtawar. To raise his younger brothers away from the shadow of a crime he decides to leave the life of crime. But the past comes chasing him. Rajnikanth played the role of Kumar Malhotra, younger brother of Tiger who becomes a police officer.

  1. FARISHTAY (1991)

Gayatri and Arjun are happily married. Arjun is a police inspector and one day killed by the Raja Jaichand. Gayatri asks for the help of Veeru and Dheeru, her brothers. Rajnikanth played the role of Arjun.

  1. KHOON KA KARZ (1991)

Savitri Devi is robbed of her child so she raises the orphan children. Not all her foster children grow up to be good. Two of them becomes the crook man. But her past also comes chasing her. Rajnikanth played the role of Kishan, one of the foster children.


Inspector Ranjit is killed by politician Bishamber Prasad due to his investigation into his illegal matters. Namrata, the wife of Ranjit decides to take revenge by becoming the police officer. Rajnikanth played the role of Ranjit.

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