Top 10 Gujarati Web Series

Top 10 Gujarati Web Series

Regional web content is being made in huge quantity and it can be watched in every language across India. Gujarati industry is also making web-series that are being popular day by day. So we are bringing you some of the best webs series which are available in the Gujarati language. So here are top 10 picks for web series in Gujarati you can binge-watch.

  1. Non-Alcoholic Breakup

Karan is a person who has serial break-ups. He is tired of his inability to keep a relationship going for a long time. And each time he takes the support of Alcohol to get over his breakup. Watch his search for true and everlasting love.

  1. Do Not Disturb

A couple of hailing from Ahmedabad is going through a newly married life. Watch how they deal with the new responsibilities which come with marriage and their respective dreams for their carrier and life. The series can be watched on MX Player.

  1. Ekko Badshah Rani

A 2016 series, Ekko Badshah Rani talks about three identical brothers who change their position and takes on the place of one another in each of their respective lives. When their Grandfather fakes a heart attack – then they must deal with the situation.

  1. Bey Yaar

A comedy-drama series which tells the story of two best friends – Chako and Tino. They are looking for a shortcut to earn good money, so they put a painting from Chako’s father’s shop for sale and try to earn money from this fraud but the dice rolls otherwise and they end up losing their pride and dignity.

  1. Ek Bahanu Aapish

This series came in 2020 and can be watched on MX Player. The show talks about a man who is dreaming of a real meeting with a girl but never goes to meet her. Watch this drama which will make you question the difference between reality and dreams.

  1. Babu Lal No Babu

A man named Babulal gets magical underwear which just changes his life. But one day his son Lal Bhai misplace the underwear and things go haywire. Watch the comedic events happening during the search for magical underwear.

  1. Saavaj

A simple yet eye-opening story of love between a man hailing from the highest authority in Village i.e. son of the village head and a lower-class girl who is determined for her freedom. Watch their love blooming amidst the societal pressure and complexities.

  1. Huto Hutee

Watch the life story of a Gujarati couple as they deal with the happy and sad moments of their life together. Told from a common man’s perspective the series talks about the daily struggles of normal husband and wife as they try to make their life easier and peaceful with the surrounding chaos.

  1. Savdhan Gujarat

Watch the crimes happening around in the state of Gujarat as told by the host of the show. The show talks about some of the most complex and gruesome crimes that are happening around you.

  1. Generation Gap

Mrs. Poonam starts having an affair with her nephew which turns complicated when each of them starts expecting something else from each other. Watch how they deal with the generation gap between them.

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