Top 10 Kannada Web Series

Top 10 Kannada Web Series

Although Kannada web content’s quantity is not as high as other regional web content the quality is quite good and over the years various web content makers have come and made some remarkable series based on a good story that has touched the hearts of people. So here is our pick for the top 10 Kannada Web Series that you can enjoy.

  1. Dr. Pal

This web series explores the life of Moni, a nice guy who is dumped by his girlfriend and he shifts with his friend. But later he encounters his ex in a hotel who is on a date. Moni is shattered to the core and this leads him to sleep with random women.

  1. Loose Connection

A new series, Loose Connection talks about the idiosyncrasies of a guy who has just broken up with his girlfriend. Starring famous Sunil Rao, the series is garnering a large audience due to its storyline and direction.

  1. Bengaluru Queens

The show is about three girls who are living together in an apartment but that’s the end of the common point. Each one is different from the other one. One is ultra-modern while other is just on the opposite end of the spectrum – traditional. And the third one act as the diluter between the two.

  1. Mangala

Mangala stars Kavya Shastry in the lead role and is directed by PruthviKunigal, who has also written it. The film talks about transgenders in the Indian community and is a thriller series comprising of 8 episodes.

  1. Mrs. Subbalakshmi

A wife who is constantly being neglected by her workaholic husband decides to take a day off from her married life. Watch her journey towards freedom in this series which features that one day in the life of Mrs. Subbalakshmi which will change the direction of her life.

  1. Bacteria

A comedy series focusing on the life of 3 friends who are looking for the perfect girl. Watch how each one of them is trying to achieve something and finds himself in hilarious situations which will make you laugh hard.

  1. A Coffee With Her Dad

Each episode features a pair of father and daughter and talks about their beautiful relationship. Watch this series to fall in love with the relationship between father and daughter and the bond they share. The series is gaining much appreciation for its screenplay.

  1. Manvantara

A series that talks about the struggles of middle-class families in the web of politics, market, and growing unease related to life. The series is directed by T. N. Seetharam and is gaining much popularity among masses.

  1. Muktha Muktha

This series is also directed by T. N. Seetharam and talks about the struggles of man against the pressure of bureaucracy, law, the false sense of justice, corruption, politics, and power along with money. Mukhta in Sanskrit means Reprieve and that’s what the show is about.

  1. Mayamruga

Two middle-class girls are dealing with issues of their life constantly. But along with it, they want to make this society better and they take an initiative to do so. Watch their life as they try to strike the balance between the two.

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