Top 10 Marathi Web Series

Top 10 Marathi Web Series

Regional Cinema has always been top-notch in the Indian cinema and entertainment content sector. Marathi Films have won numerous accolades for their brilliant stories and films. Keeping up with the trend, the Marathi industry also started producing web series in the language Marathi. And over the years we have some really good series. So we are here to pick our top 10 Marathi web series which you can binge-watch.

  1. Shala (2019)

Available on Youtube, Shala is set in the 1970s and tells the story of 4 school-going friends. Their academic year is going to end and they are leading a careless life away from all worries of adult life. They must face all the twist and turns which comes with adulthood.

  1. Pandu (2019)

A series that focuses on the honest and closer to the real-life version of policemen, Pandu is available on MX Player. The series talks about the daily lives of policemen and the hurdles they face while trying to lead the normal cum police life.

  1. Samantar(2020)

A man is in search of another man who has palm lines exactly similar to him. The series premiered on MX Player and talks about man’s fascination with destiny and what he would do to uncover the mysteries which lay ahead in his future.

  1. High Time (2020)

This youtube series is the story of 4 friends who are living there life with full enjoyment. However, they must deal with the upcoming changes which will make them walk on different paths. They must deal with the past and the present so that there future can be good.

  1. Gondya Ala Re (2019)

A historical Marathi Web series, Gondya Ala Re streamed on ZEE5 and tells the story of two Chapekhar brothers and their mission to kill an English officer W.C.Rand. Watch how they chose to become the legendary brothers.

  1. Once A Year (2019)

An MX Original Series the series talks about a couple who are in love with each other for the last 6 years. Watch their 6-year journey of life and love with each episode featuring a day from their respective year and showing how they are changing with changing circumstances.

  1. Almost Prem Up (2019)

You can watch this series on Youtube where it talks about the love story of a boy and girl based in central Maharashtra. Watch how they manage their life around their love and the tensions in their own lives which will compel them to chose between the two.

  1. Kale Dhande (2019)

A ZEE5 original series, Kale Dhande stars Mahesh Manjrekar in it and tells the story of Vicky, a photographer who witnesses a gang activity which put him in difficult circumstances which may prove fatal for his life.

  1. Bhadkhau (2019)

A young man is very excited about his honeymoon. But before he can go he receives a 500 note which has Bhadkhau written over it and the note is in two pieces. Bhadkhau is a Marathi word translating to a Pimp. So he tries to find the person behind this deed.

  1. Ani Kay Hava (2019)

You can watch this light-hearted series on MX Player which presents the life story of a married couple and their middle-class life. Watch how they deal with their newly married life and dreams they have for their respective careers.

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