Top 10 Movies of Atul Kulkarni

Top 10 Movies of Atul Kulkarni

As we all know Atul Kulkarni is one of the most successful actors of this generation. He has acted in numerous films and television shows in multiple languages throughout his career and has won several awards during his career and his most notable awards being National Film Awards for his role in Hey ram(2000) and in Chandni Bar(2001). His first movie was Bhoomi Geetha in 1997 and his recent movie is section 375 in 2019 during this span of nearly 20 years he has acted in nearly 80 plus movies and we have tried to pick the top 10 movies of this legend.

  1. “Popat” (2013)

Popat is a movie about a group of talented friends who want to make a film about AIDS awareness. In this film Atul played the character of Janardhan aka Janya who is a marriage video shooter, this film one of the prime example of showing how versatile and talented Athul is and the best part is when Atul suddenly switches form underplaying the character to acting loud it’s a must-watch for Atul’s fans

9. Bhoomigeetha”: Song of the Earth” (1997)

In Bhoomigeetha which is a movie directed byKesariHaravoo. Atul played an important character in this movie and its one of the best performances that he has given in his career and its also his first movie and even in his first movie, we can see how perfectly he has done his role in that movie.

  1. “The Ghazi Attack” (2017)

The Ghazi Attack is an action movie based on the plot that a Pakistani submarine plans to attack Vizag port in this film Atul played the role of Devaraj a cop and again a very much suiting role for him and as always he has done a very great job of his role.


  1. “Devrai” (2004)

Devrai is a movie directed by Sumitra Bhave and Sunil Sukthankar in this movie. Atul played a lead role of Shesh a troubled man who cannot decide between reality and fantasy world, the people who saw this blockbuster Marathi film know how much trouble a man with schizophrenia suffers and how beautifully Atul played this role.

  1. “Happy Journey” (2014)

Everyone with a sibling how beautiful this film is. Happy journey is a film directed by Sachin Kundalkar the plot of the movie is about how a brother misses his sister once she passes away in this film Atul played the character of Niranjan one of the siblings. Its a must watch film if you like a light-hearted movie about siblings and it’s a must-watch if you are Atul’s fan.

  1. “PremachiGoshta” (2013)

PremachiGoshta is a movie directed by Satish Rajwade this movie is based on the plot that a man and women both become strained from an unsuccessful marriage and how they forget their past and move on in life. Atul played the character of Ram the main lead in this movie many critics have praised Atul for his performance in this movie and this is one of his solid performance in his acting career.

  1. “Rang De Basanti” (2006)

Six young Indian men help an English women to make a documentary about freedom fighters in India and how they got their freedom and this movie has gotten several awards and its one of the most critically acclaimed movie of its time in this Atul played the character of Laxman Pandey one of the friends in that group. He played the character of a Hindu revolutionary who thinks his country is being held back by Muslims and the combination of Atul and Siddharth is a very big positive to this film.

  1. “Natarang” (2010)

Natarang is a movie directed by Ravi Jadhav in this movie a man loses his job and he decides that he is going to make a living by starting a theatre troupe. Atul played the character of GunavantraoKagalkar a man who is very much passionate about his art. Guna always dreamed of playing the role of a King but because of a situation, he is forced to play a character that changes his life forever.

  1. “Chandni Bar” (2001)

In 2001 Atul yet again got a national award for his role in Chandni Bar it’s one of his best performances that he has given in his career this the movie that made everyone realize how Talented Atul is and how much acting skills he has got. In this movie, he played the character of Potya Sawant who is a ruthless yet noble gangster.

  1. “Hey Ram” (2000)

Hey Ram is a very movie that everyone knows it’s a no surprise that this movie is in the top of the list, Hey ram is a movie about a man who got convinced that his wife’s death is caused because of Gandhi and sets out to kill him. This movie one of the most critically acclaimed movies of all time. Atul played the character of Shriram Abhyankar one a very important role in this film and because of his performance in this film Atul got a National film award in 2000 for the best supporting actor.

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