Top 10 Movies of Dara Singh

Top 10 Movies of Dara Singh

Usually cited as He-Man of Indian Cinema Dara Singh was a majestic personality in himself who made world woo through his wrestling skills and then become a household name by portraying Lord Hanuman. His humongous physique and good acting skills got him stunt movies in starting and later mythological roles both in Hindi and Punjabi Cinema.

Here are his top 10 best movies.

  1. BAJRANGBALI (1976)

Before portraying this character in tv series Ramayan he played Hanuman in this mythological movie. We can say it was a stepping stone for him as mythological characters. His wrestler physique and booming voice made him absolutely perfect to play the role of Bajrangbali. Even today every single individual knows the name of the actor who used to play Hanuman/Bajrangbali. His portrayal of Hanuman was so simple and ‘Bhola’ that children still love him.


When Dara Singh accepted taking movies it was on the condition that he would never play a negative role. So following that condition who got to do many ‘Super-Hero’, evil-eradicator type movies. Among which Chand par Chadhayee or Trip to Moon is a must-watch. You can watch it and enjoy it as much as any superhero movie while chewing the bucket of popcorn. The story is simple and action is praiseworthy.


Another mythological movie for Dara Singh, this movie provided him with the role of Balram, elder brother of Bhagwan Shri Krishna. There is the story of both the siblings young age, their adventures fighting monsters and marriage and then more adventures. It is full of action and provides good entertainment.

  1. SULTANA DAKU (1972)

Sultana Daku is famous as nautanki in the northern part of India. But with Dara Singh as the title character in this movie, it became a household name. His personality, big mustache, and voice made perfect for the role of Daku. And also there is Helen to add entertainment value.


Sawa Lakh Se EkLadaun is a period drama film released in both Punjabi and Hindi Language. Dara Singh plays Kartar who is born in the Hindu family and later converts to Sikhism and fights oppressive Mughal warriors. Like other action movies of Dara Singh, it also provides fun to watch.

  1. MARD (1985)

Who can forget Raja Azad Singh who lassos the light aircraft at the starting of the movie? No one can play him except our Dara Singh. And then his act of tattooing MARD on the chest of the newborn baby is applaudable only through his performance. It is his one of the best performances.

  1. SAMSON (1976)

In the line of pure action movies comes another gem Samson where Dara Singh again plays the titular mythological character. There are lots of action and monster fights.

  1. KARMA (1986)

With an ensemble cast of Dilip Kumar, Anil Kapoor, Naseeruddin Shah, Jackie Shroff, and Anupam Kher as Doctor Dang; Dara Singh made his presence known in short time by his vulnerable and honest performance.

  1. KING KONG (1962)

Dara Singh is Jingu here who becomes King Kong. Watch it for the sheer pleasure of action.

  1. RUSTOM-E-BAGHDAD (1963)

Another action flick with high entertainment value. It also showcases the acting skills of the legendary actor.

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