Top 10 Movies of Dinesh Hingoo

Top 10 movies of Dinesh Hingoo

Chiefly known for his unique laughter and impersonations which include his most famous Parsi gentleman persona, Dinesh Hingoo is a Bollywood actor. From the starting point of his career, he has taken the responsibility of making the audience laugh earlier through Stand-up and later through character roles. He has appeared in more than 300 films in his career and do you know that he was the one who gave chance to Johny Lever on the stand-up comedy stage. Here are his top 10 movies.

  1. HERA PHERI (2000)

Everybody remembers the scene where Paresh Rawal picks up the phone and the actor asks ‘Aaj macchli ka daam kya hai?’ And later he asks about Devi Prasad. That scene makes everyone laugh even today. And the actor who is playing that role is Dinesh Hingoo. Dinesh Hingoo in the role of Chaman Jhinga is perfect and memorable due to his acting.

  1. PHIR HERA PHERI (2006)

The sequel of Hera Pheri again brought the same cast and didn’t forget to add Dinesh Hingoo to its star-cast. Dinesh Hingoo played Parsi Seth who has those costly guns which are stolen by Akshay Kumar, Suneel Shetty, and Paresh Rawal Trio. It’s one of his best performances.

  1. NO ENTRY (2005)

Remember the scene where Doctor tells Anil Kapoor to change his ‘Hawa-Pani’ and gives the card of his twin brother who is a traveling agent and then laughs quickly. Well, that laugh is created by Dinesh Hingoo and still is remembered for that laugh and character portrayal. Dinesh played both the doctor and his twin brother hotel manager. And then again that unique laugh made the audience laugh hard.

  1. SHASHTRA (1996)

Dinesh played the role of Principal Badra in Suneel Shetty starrer Shashtra. As the principal of the college, he is suitable and sweet and made us laugh with his mannerisms and that scene where Pooja’s fake Father comes to meet him and he is terrified of him is still hilarious.

  1. TAQDEERWALA (1995)

When the character of Shakti Kapoor goes to book editor for publication of his poems then the reaction of the Editor is just hilarious. That is none other than Dinesh Hingoo who made that character just memorable and then again his unique laugh and his mannerism are amazing.

  1. JUDAAI (1997)

This Anil Kapoor starrer showcased the comic talent of Paresh Rawal, Kader Khan, Johny Lever and then among these humongous comic actors was Dinesh Hingoo in the role of Doctor. And man, what a blasting performance among these comedy tycoons. It was his acting abilities which made the audience laugh.

  1. DULHE RAJA (1998)

This was an all in all comedy movie with comedy biggies. Dinesh Hingoo was in the role of Diwani Seth, the hotel owner in front of Govinda’sdhabha. The hotel is purchased by Kader Khan in starting of the film. In that scene with his unique voice and laugh, he again made us smile.

  1. KING UNCLE (1993)

Dinesh played Chunilal in this film and again showcased his brilliant comic timing.

  1. CHHOTE SARKAR (1996)

Dinesh Hingoo again performed with Govinda as Army Officer in this movie. The role was short but still is hilarious.

  1. BHABHI (1991)

Performing Parsi character is so easy for Dinesh Hingoo that he is just brilliant in those roles. In this film also he played Parsi character who has 5 sons. The scene is so comedy that you will laugh like a riot.

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