Top 10 Movies of Feroz Khan

Top 10 Movies of Feroz Khan

Known for his dashing personality and style with a unique voice, Feroz Khan was an Indian actor. He appeared in over 60 films throughout his career and became one of Bollywood’s popular style icons. He was honored with the Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award in 2000. Young people recognize him mainly through the role of RDX in Welcome (2007). His top 10 movies are-

  1. DHARMATMA (1975)

Remember the song where Feroz Khan is singing, “Reshmaaaaaa!! Terechehre pe wo jadooo”. An instant hit, this song was in the movie Dharmatma. It was the first Bollywood movie to be shot in Afghanistan and also the first attempt in India to localize THE GODFATHER. A breakthrough movie for Feroz Khan, it took him to new heights in his career. Feroz Khan as Ranbir, the son of ‘Dharmata’ Seth Dharamdas chooses his own path away from his father’s life as a gangster and a Matka king. Later due to attack on his family members he has to return India and got mingled in taking revenge and settling accounts with bad guys.  Feroz Khan became a star after this movie.

  1. QURBANI (1980)

The movie became the talk of the town due to its disco song, “AapJaisa Koi Meri Zindagi Me Aaye…”. Qurbani starred Feroz Khan as Rajesh, a motorcycle stuntman who later changes into a thief. Vinod Khanna starred alongside him in the role of Amar. Rajesh gets into jail and later becomes a friend with Amar and they plan a robbery. Robbery doesn’t go as they planned. The rest is in the film. The movie was India’s biggest hit of the year.

  1. WELCOME (2007)

Feroz Khan is considered an action hero and his charming personality even after the age of 60 years can be seen in his portrayal of Don RDX. Welcome is a comedy film and with the presence of Feroz Khan, it made the audience lean forward in their seats. It was also Feroz Khan’s last film appearance. RDX is a Don and boss of Uday & Majnu who comes to India to attend the wedding of Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif and is involved in settling their marriage affair. His words are considered the final decision due to his power. Later his son is considered to be killed by Katrina Kaif due to misunderstanding. The final scene with an all-star cast is one of the most hilarious scenes filmed in Bollywood.

  1. AADMI AUR INSAN (1969)

Feroz Khan grabbed the Filmfare Best Supporting Actor award for acting in this movie. Feroz Khan played the role of wealthy Jai Kishan who helps MunishMehra, played by Dharmendra in life to go abroad, study and work. Later due to the love triangle Jai Kishan turns bitter towards Munish and tries to destroy his career. Munish tries to take revenge for this.

  1. JANBAAZ (1985)

Feroz Khan acted and directed this film. Feroz Khan in the role of angry but honest policeman Rajesh won many hearts. He is on the trail to destroy the drug mafia due to personal vendetta. His wife, played by Sridevi died due to drug addiction. The movie unfolds as his brother Amar (Anil Kapoor) accidentally kills one person related to the drug mafia. Rajesh is on the trail of Amar.

  1. KHOTE SIKKAY (1974)

KhoteSikkay is said to be the inspiration of Sholay. Including the same theme of community help by the seemingly ‘bad people’ of the society due to change in heart, it portrayed Feroz Khan as Dilbar. Dilbar wants to avenge his father’s killer, Junga, so he joins the band of 5 people in a village where Junga’s terror is prevalent. His acting as an angry young man on the trail of revenge is noteworthy.

  1. APRADH (1972)

Feroz Khan’s first film as producer and director, Apradh was hit at the box office. Feroz Khan played Ram Khanna, an ace grand-Prix racer opposite Mumtaz. The movie starts with the chase scene of Rita (Mumtaz) who handovers a diamond necklace to Ram and later get it back. But that necklace turns out to be fake. Later Ram is arrested for smuggling and sentenced to jail. The story follows the rest.

  1. KAALA SONA (1975)

Kaala Sona is considered one of the few films in India inspired by Western movies of Hollywood. Rakesh is a young man who wants to kill his father’s killer who turns out to be poppy business emperor Sardar Poppy Singh. Rakesh is played by Feroz Khan. Later Rakesh joins forces with Poppy Singh instead of killing him. Surprise!! The story follows after it.

  1. MELA (1971)

This Prakash Mehra directorial portrayed Feroz Khan in the role of Shakti Singh, a dacoit who won’t allow anyone to marry the daughter of Panchs as his own sweetheart was sexually assaulted and killed by Thakur. There is also an angle of a brother, whom Shakti Singh lost in mela at a young age. Feroz Khan played the role of a bandit with brilliant flair.

  1. DAYAVAN (1988)

Although remembered for its steamy sex scene and performance of Vinod Khanna, this movie also contains acting gem of Feroz Khan. He played the role of Shanker, a friend of Shakti (Vinod Khanna), as they start their crime career together. He was also the director of this film.

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