Top 10 Movies of Govind Namdev

Top 10 Movies of Govind Namdev

NSD alumni, Govind Namdev is a name recognized for his acting and voice. After passing from NSD he worked in repertory for 12 years and got breakthrough Shola & Shabnam. He has often acted as villain in well-regarded performances. Here are his top 10 movies-

  1. OMG – OH MY GOD! (2012)

The film remembered for it’s unique and satirical plot showcased the acting brilliance of actors like Paresh Rawal, Akshay Kumar, Mithun Chakraborty, and Govind Namdev. Govind Namdev played the role of Siddheshwar Maharaj, a Hindu priest. When Kanji (Paresh Rawal) files a case against God, Siddheshwar Maharaj stands up against him along with Leeladhar Swamy and others. His acting as fraud & arrogant siddhpurush is brilliant and considered remarkable by critics.


It was debut film of Govind Namdev. He played a negative character of Police Inspector Tiwari who is on the side of Kali Baba (Gulshan Grover). The scene where he tortures Karan (Govinda) is brilliantly done and still is considered one of his finest performances. The story follows Karan as he falls in love with Police Commissioner’s daughter Divya (Divya Bharti) and due to dispute with Bali (MohnishBahl) brother of goon Kali Baba they have to run away.

  1. SATYA (1998)

This Ram Gopal Verma directorial is known for giving Manoj Bajpayee to the film industry. The film includes one more impeccable performance of Govind Namdev in the role of corrupt politician BhauThakurdasJhawle. Bhau legitimizes the actions of local gangs to win votes and create chaos in the city. He instructs gangs to stop gang wars but things go out of hand due to Satya. Govind played the character with its characteristics brilliantly. The movie was praised by critics and audience alike and still is considered a classic and one of the best crime movies ever made in India.

  1. WANTED (2009)

Salman Khan starrer Wanted gave Govind Namdeva a chance to play a positive role. He played the role of Commissioner Ashraf Taufiq Khan who has decided to make Mumbai free of crime. His expressions during encounter sessions win the claps and the change of character when MMS of his daughter is shown to him is praiseworthy. The story follows Radhe, a local goon who is spy incognito.

  1. DUM (2003)

Govind Namdev played the role of Minister Deshmukh in this movie. An outright corrupt character, Deshmukh has some of the police officers on his payroll who act as his pawns. He uses them to clear his dirty work. He is later killed by Shankar so that Shankar can frame Uday (Vivek Oberoi). The movie was a box-office hit.


This National Award Winner starred Govind Namdev as Major Ramji MalokjiSakpal, father of Babasaheb. The movie tells the story of Babasaheb Ambedkar, his contributions in the emancipation of the downtrodden and oppressed classes in India and shaping the Constitution of India, as the chairman of the Drafting Committee of the Indian Constituent Assembly. The film was funded by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment and won National Award.

  1. SARFAROSH (2003)

Sarfarosh was yet again a critically acclaimed movie known for the plot and acting. Along with Naseeruddin Shah and Aamir Khan, Govind Namdev delivered a wonderful performance as Veeran. Veeran, a forest-dwelling brigand who attacks a wedding bus and kills every single person inside the bus. Later his connection is found out to be with Gulfam (Naseeruddin Shah).


PhirBhiDil Hai Hindustan showcased Govind Namdev in the role of Chief Minister Mushran. He is in opposition to minister Ramakant (Shakti Kapoor) but later joins hands with him against Mohan Joshi (Paresh Rawal) case. His portrayal as a corrupt and opportunist minister is praiseworthy.

  1. VIRASAT (1997)

In this award-winning film, Govind Namdev portrayed zamindar Birju. Due to his ongoing rivalry with Bali Thakur (AmrishPuri), Birju is portrayed as a negative character but later due to efforts of Shakti (Anil Kapoor) the enmity ends. The film was praised for its story and performances.


Govind Namdev played the role of a local strongman, Balwant Pandey. Balwant’s son Abhimanyu is considered to have impregnated Ganga, the sister of Kashi. Due to which later in the film Kaashi shoots Balwant. The film received appraise for its performance.

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