Top 10 Movies of Kumar Gaurav

Top 10 Movies of Kumar Gaurav

Kumar Gaurav is an Indian film actor and son of late actor Rajendra Kumar. His most of the films are directed by Mahesh Bhatt and he was paired with almost all the young actress of 1980s. His top 10 movies are-

1. JANAM (1985)

Janam is considered to be the best film of Kumar Gaurav’s film career. Directed by Mahesh Bhatt it showcased the story of Rahul (played by Kumar Gaurav) who is an aspiring filmmaker. He is the son of a famous film director who has abandoned Rahul and Rahul’s mother by marrying another woman. Rahul is ridiculed at every point by his father’s family. He later makes a superhit movie based on his own life’s trials and is reunited with his father however for a short period.


2. LOVE STORY (1981)

Love Story launched the career of Kumar Gaurav and was a blockbuster hit at the box office. It told the story of Bunty and Pinky who fall in love with each other. Bunty wants to become a pilot defying his father’s wish for him to be a builder like him. Bunty leaves his home while Pinky’s father doesn’t want her to marry Bunty due to his past with Bunty’s father. Both run away and decide to start a separate life. Love Story made Kumar Gaurav a ‘star’ overnight and is considered to be the best film ever made in the Hindi cinema on the topic of teenage love.


3. KAANTE (2002)

Kaante was heavily inspired by Hollywood’s Reservoir Dogs and was a blockbuster hit at the box office. Kumar Gaurav in the role of Andy, a software engineer who is in trouble with his wife over divorce and custody of his children was praised for his performance. Andy agrees to help Major, Mak, Major, and others on the mission of robbing a bank that funds the Los Angeles Police Department. Things take a hard turn when suspicion starts that one of them is a police informant.


4. NAAM (1986)

Naam was a milestone film for Mahesh Bhatt, Paresh Rawal, Sanjay Dutt, and Kumar Gaurav. Mahesh Bhatt turned towards commercial cinema after this film. Kumar Gaurav played the role of honest and hard-working Ravi. Ravi has always sacrificed and helped his brother Vicky (Sanjay Dutt) however criminal problems Vicky has been indulged in. When Vicky’s whereabouts are unknown to his family for a long time after going to Dubai, Ravi goes to Dubai and finds out that Vicky is in serious trouble.


5. TERI KASAM (1982)

Teri Kasam starred Kumar Gaurav alongside Poonam Dhillon. It showed the story of spoiled and rich Dolly (Poonam Dhillon) and a poor aspiring musician Tony (Kumar Gaurav). They fall in love with each other and marry but later their egos and respective stubbornness lead to various quarrels and they drift apart gradually.


6. STAR (1982)

Star follows the story of Dev Kumar Verma who wants to become a music sensation like Elvis Presley but comes from a middle-class background. While working at a disco he meets Maya and falls in love with her. Later in the movie, he is beaten by the goons of a competitor of that disco’s owner. When he recovers he finds out that Maya is in love with his brother Shiv. Film’s soundtrack was praised for its songs.


7. GANG (2000)

Gang follows the story of 4 strong friends Abdul, Gangu, Nihal, and Gary who form a criminal gang of 4 members based on the initials of their collective names. Kumar Gaurav played the role of Nihal who goes on a killing spree when his wife commits suicide along with his handicapped son.



Hum Hain Lajawab follows the story of the Thakur family where the head of family Thakur is a coldhearted and stubborn man whose sole aim in life is to earn money. Thakur’s elder son Amar leaves home when he falls in love with a poor girl. Years later Thakur’s second son Pawan (played by Kumar Gaurav) returns home from abroad who has turned just like his father. He embarks to bring his niece, daughter of Amar back home when Amar dies. Pawan falls in love with poor Dilruba. The story follows his confrontation with his father about this.


9. HAI MERI JAAN (1991)

Hai Meri Jaan follows Kumar Gaurav in the role of Bunty who lives with his sister Reshma. Reshma has sacrificed her life for the sake of Bunty and is proud of that. When Bunty’s wife Neelam comes home, the problem starts to arise between Re3shma and Neelam.


10. AAJ (1987)

Kumar Gaurav played the role of Akshay in this movie whose sister is missing for a long time and he often wanders on the streets alone looking for her. He meets a news reporter Anjali Bakshi, who decides to help Akshay in the search. The story follows the connection between Akshay’s sister’s disappearance and family of Anjali.

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