Top 10 Movies of Mahesh Manjrekar

Top 10 Movies of Mahesh Manjrekar

Mahesh Manjrekar is an Indian actor who works in Hindi, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu cinema. He has won a National Film Award and two Star Screen Awards in his career. He has also directed several critically acclaimed films in Hindi and Marathi languages. His top 10 movies are-

  1. KAANTE (2002)

Role of drug peddler Bali put Mahesh Manjrekar on the map and won him critical acclaim all over the world. The story is adapted from Hollywood film Reservoir Dogs and follows the story of six Indians who plans to rob the bank which manages the funding of the Los Angeles Police Department as the police have hurt their sentiments by investigating them without any proof just on the basis of their Nationality.

  1. WANTED (2009)

Wanted to portray Mahesh in the role of corrupt inspector Talpade who is after Jhanvi, love interest of a local goon Radhe who later turns out to be ACP Rajveer Shekhawat in disguise. Radhe is after the head of a criminal circuit of Mumbai, Gani Bhai who is aided by Talpade.

  1. MUSAFIR (2004)

Musafir tells the story of criminal Lucky as he is chased by gangster Lukka when he steals 2.5 million from him. He comes across Tiger, Sam, and Lukka who all are related to one another. There is the story of traps and fraud. Mahesh Manjrekar played the role of Lukka who lusts after his sister-in-law Sam.

  1. OMG- OH MY GOD!

Mahesh Manjrekar played the role of Advocate Sardesai who is against Kanji Lalji Mehta on a case against God. He represents the so-called managers of God. He was critically appraised for his performance.


Shootout at Wadala tells the story of gangster Manya Surve and how he was shot dead in an encounter by Mumbai Police. Mahesh Manjrekar played the role of Inspector Bhinde based on the real-life policeman Madhukar Zende.

  1. DABANGG (2010)

Mahesh Manjrekar played the role of drunkard Hariya who is the father of Rajjo. Rajjo is the love interest of corrupt police officer Chulbul Pandey. Hariya later commits suicide due to Chulbul Pandey. Chulbul Pandey is against the local politician Chhedi Singh.

  1. BODYGUARD (2011)

Bodyguard is the love story of Lovely Singh and Divya. Lovely Singh is the bodyguard of Divya with whom Divya falls in love. Divya is in danger from the henchman of Ranjan Mahatre who is the enemy of his father. Ranjan Mahatre is played by Mahesh Manjrekar.

  1. RUN (2004)

Run follows the story of Siddharth and Jhanvi who are in love with each other but are opposed by Jhanvi’s brother Ganpat. Ganpat tries to harm Siddharth and his family and thus in turns forms the story of the film. Ganpat is played by Mahesh Majrekar.

  1. ZINDA (2006)

Zinda tells the story of Bala who is imprisoned by an unknown person for 14 years. When he comes out he tries to find the person responsible for separating him from his family. Mahesh Manjrekar played the role of Joy, a friend of Bala.

  1. PLAN (2004)

Plan tells the story of 4 young man who kidnaps the don Musa Bhai to collect money so that they can pay their debt. But Musa thanks them and then they hatch a plan to eradicate the enemy of Musa, Sultan from the map in return for money. Mahesh Manjrekar played the role of the Sultan.

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