Top 10 Movies of Mohnish Bahl

Top 10 Movies of Mohnish Bahl

Mohnish Bahl is an Indian actor who works in Hindi films and television. Started his career in 1983 film Bekaraar he got his major success in Maine Pyar Kiya and won awards for playing positive roles in films like Hum Aapke Hain Kaun? And Hum Sath Sath Hain. He is known for his versatility as he has played both good and bad roles gracefully. His Top 10 Movies are –


Who doesn’t remember Vivek Chaturvedi, the ideal son of Ramkishan and Mamta who is paralyzed in one hand and is the eldest son of the family? He loves his family very much and they take the most important place in his life. Mamta’s friends fill her head with negativity towards Vivek as he is her stepson so he should not be given the inheritance of the wealth. All other brothers oppose this decision. Mohnish Bahl was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at Filmfare Awards.


A blockbuster family entertainer, it showed Mohnish in the role of Rajesh Nath, nephew of Kailash Nath and brother of Prem Nath. Rajesh gets married to Pooja and they are a happy couple. Just after giving birth to their son Pooja dies due to an accident. The family decides to marry Rajesh and Nisha, sister of Pooja so that she can take care of the newborn baby. But, unknown to everyone Nisha and Prem are in love with each other. Mohnish was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at Filmfare Awards for the role of Rajesh.

  1. MAINE PYAR KIYA (1989)

Maine Pyar Kiya was a turning point for Mohnish’s career as he played the outright negative character in the movie and was applauded hugely for his acting. He played the role of Jeevan who mocks Prem and Suman and later tries to kill Prem. Mohnish’s portrayal of cocky and arrogant Jeevan paved his way into the film industry.


Mohnish in the role of Baali was well received in this film. Baali, brother of gangster Kali Baba is an arrogant brat who enlists in National Cadet Corps and is smitten with Divya who is in love with Karan, a fellow cadet of Baali whom he despises. He plots against both due to jealousy and anger.

  1. BOL RADHA BOL (1992)

Bol Radha Bol showed Mohnish in the role of Bhanu cousin of Kishen who kicks Bhanu out when he finds out that Bhanu is defrauding his business. Bhanu plots against Kishen as he helps Tony, a look-alike of Kishen to infiltrate Kishen’s home when Kishen is away. Bol Radha Bol was one of the highest grosser of the year.

  1. PLATFORM (1993)

Platform tells the tale of two brothers separated on a railway platform. Mohnish played the role of a drug addict goon, Hariya who kills the owner of a hotel where Raju’s elder brother Vikram works. Vikram is falsely accused of the murder and is taken by the police while Hariya raises Raju but later turns against him.


Sabse Bada Khiladi again showed Mohnish Bahl in the negative role of Amit, son of Amar Singh who is after the wealth of Jamna Das. Jamna Das’ daughter Sunita is in love with Amit while his father fixes her marriage with Lallu, a village dweller who has helped him. Sunita and Amit poison Lallu. Later Inspector Vijay Kumar arrives who arrests Amit for the crime and later revealed to be his plot to expose Amit and his father for their wrongdoings.

  1. EK HI RAASTA (1993)

Mohnish played the role of army officer Vikram who is recruited by a terrorist to get information. Vikram kills a fellow army officer and put the blame on Karan, a fellow army officer. Karan must fight all the hard battles to save his life and career.

  1. JAI HO (2014)

Mohnish was in the role of minister Ashok Pradhan whose life is saved by a schoolgirl who is following the system of Jai Agnihotri where a person who gained help from someone is to help 3 other persons and tell all those 3 to help 3 more persons. He works with Jai to improve society.

  1. PANIPAT (2019)

Panipat tells the events that took place during the third battle of Panipat. Mohnish played the role of Nana Saheb Peshwa in this historical action drama film.

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