Top 10 Movies of Om Prakash

Top 10 Movies of Om Prakash

Om Prakash Bakshi Chibber was an Indian actor who worked prominently in Hindi films and was known for his character roles. A leading man in his beginning career he later turned to character roles and thus maintained a name for himself. He was also known for his unique dialogue delivery and voice. His top 10 movies are-

  1. DUS LAKH (1966)

The story of the film tells how the life of Gokulchand and his family changes when he inherits 10 lakhs rupees from his relative. Two goons are after the money and the plot follows comical incidents that gained the Om Prakash Filmfare Award for Best Comedian for his role as Gokulchand.

  1. ANNADATA (1972)

Amba Prasad a rich man is supposed to be dead and his all relatives come to his house to get his money. When he sees this he is sad decides to leave the place. What follows forms the story of the film. Amba Prasad is played by Om Prakash.

  1. CHARANDAS (1977)

Charandas follows Charandas, a mechanic turned engineering tycoon. His family’s eyes get muddled with the newfound money and they turn out to be bad. Seeing this Charandas leaves his house and decides to live in hostels. Om Prakash played the role of Charandas.


The film revolves around a poor man in a palatial house who allows other newcomers in the city of Mumbai to stay in his house as he feels pity for them. Om Prakash played the role of UdharchandShikarpuri in a comic manner.

  1. APNA DESH (1972)

Akash is an honest official but gets suspended by his corrupt seniors in the office and he decides to fight the legal battle finding that corruption is everywhere. Om Prakash played the role of Dharamdas in the movie.

  1. CHUPKE CHUPKE (1975)

Om Prakash played the role of intellectual Raghavendra who is fond of his sister-in-law Sulekha. Sulkeha’s husband Parimal Tripathi tries to test this and decides to work in Raghavendra’s house as his driver. The film follows the comical twists.

  1. JULIE (1975)

Om Prakash played the role of Morris, father of Julie. Julie and Shashi are in love but couldn’t marry due to social conventions set around them through their families. They must overcome the hard battle against society.

  1. JOROO KA GHULAM (1972)

Om Prakash in the role of the wealthy father of Kalpana shines in the film. He is fearful of her daughter’s love marriage and gets angry when Kalpana decides to marry Rajesh. To get his father’s approval Kalpana lies that Rajesh is a wealthy man which leads to a comedy of errors.

  1. NAMAK HALAAL (1982)

NamakHalaal follows the story of Savitri as she is supposed to be the killer of her husband and her employer Raja Singh for the purpose of inheriting money from Raja Singh. She leaves her son Arjun in the hands of her father-in-law Dashrath Singh and lives as caretaker of Raja Kumar. Arjun becomes a servant in the house of Raja Kumar later. Om Prakash acted in the film as Dashrath Singh.

  1. BUDDHA MIL GAYA (1971)

The film follows Ajay and Bhola, two friends who are trying to make Girdharlial, an elderly man to his home as he has a prize on his head if found. But the serial killings of Girdharilal’s business associates distorts their plan. Om Prakash played the role of Girdharilal.

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