Top 10 Movies of Omi Vaidya

Top 10 Movies of Omi Vaidya

Omi Vaidya is an American Indian actor of Indian descent. He has also directed and edited few films along with working win few TV Series and commercials. Graduate of Tisch School of Arts at New York University, Omi started working in American TV Series and later started his career in Bollywood by the film 3 idiots. Known for his unique accent and comedy timing he is well sought in the industry. His top 10 movies are-

  1. 3 IDIOTS (2009)

Omi Vaidya in the role of studious Chatur Ramalingam aka ‘The Silencer’ garnered many awards including Screen Award for best performance in a comic role and Internation Indian Academy of Film Awards. 3 Idiots follow the story of Raju, Farhan, and Rancho as they study together in IIT. The film is a satire on the current educational system in IIT and follows the philosophy of doing the work you love. Chatur is the antagonist of Rancho.


Before Pyar ka Panchnama, this film was the true satire at the modern love stories. The film revolves around three friends Abhay, Naren and Milind and how their love stories blossom and wilts away in a comedic and satirical manner. Omi Vaidya played the role of Milind who works in a matrimonial company and falls for a radio jockey who uses him for her own benefits.

  1. JODI BREAKERS (2012)

Jodi Breakers follows the story of Sid and Sonali as they run a company which deals with the splitting of couple thus leading to breaking off of the relationship. They are hired by Mrs. Parera who wants to divorce her husband who is having an affair. In doing so they get mingled in lots of trouble and comedic fun. Omi Vaidya played the role, Patel, in the movie.

  1. PLAYERS (2012)

Players follow the story of Charlie as he plans to rob his friend turned enemy Spider of the gold he has robbed from them. Spider also killed Victor, the mentor of Charlie. Charlie is aided by old friends Bilal, Sunny and Ronnie. Omi Vaidya played the role of Sunny, a prosthetic makeup artist.

  1. DESI BOYZ (2011)

Desi Boyz follows the story of Jerry and Nick as they enroll as male escorts in the recession period which influences both their personal lives. The fight over it. Eventually, they leave the business and tries to sort out their personal matters. Omi Vaidya played the role of Ajay, who dates Radhika and gets humiliated by Radhika’s old boyfriend Nick. He tries to avenge his humiliation by sending the nephew of Jerry to foster home.

  1. BLACKMAIL (2018)

Omi Vaidya played the role of DK, CEO of a toilet paper manufacturing company who is fond of his employee Dev. He asks him for each advice and gives him responsibility. The film follows Dev as he blackmails his wife and the man with whom his wife is sleeping which leads to unique situations.

  1. MIRROR GAME (2017)

University professor Jay Verma, stuck in a crumbling marriage and a failing career, seeks a way out of his troubles with help from an ambitious student. Soon the dangerous game they play starts to spiral out of control as the blurring lines between reality and perception make him question his own sanity. Omi Vaidya played the role of Vikram, the student.

  1. ROLLING (2007)

The film deals with the effects of the drug on individual’s lives. The film takes a tough yet entertaining realistic look at how this drug affects relationships and responsibilities. It is an independent drama film.

  1. BIG IN BOLLYWOOD (2011)

It’s a documentary film of Omi Vaidya featuring him and tells the story of him, how he managed to gain access to Bollywood after working in Hollywood TV Series.

  1. ASTRO (2018)

The film tells the story of a billionaire and his team as they explore space and returns to earth with an abducted alien form that has its own secrets. Omi Vaidya played the role of Dr. Ramesh.

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