Top 10 Movies of Paintal

Top 10 Movies of Paintal

Paintal is an Indian actor who is known for his comedy roles in Hindi films and television. An alumnus of FTII, Pune he became its head of acting department in 2009. His brother GufiPaintal played the role of Shakuni in TV Serial Mahabharat. His top 10 films are-


Paintal played his one of the most memorable roles of Champak Boomia in this film. Sunil Mehta convinces his friend Amit to pretend as Champak to prove his innocence in front of his suspicious wife. The story takes a comical turn when real Champak Boomia comes in their life.

  1. RAFOO CHAKKAR (1975)

Two out-of-work musicians Dev and Salim witness a murder and are spotted by the villains. In order to save themselves, they decide to disguise themselves as girls and hop on to a train to Kashmir with other girls in a singing band. Things turn comical when one of the girls falls in love with Salim and Dev falls in love with another girl. Paintal played the role of Salim.

  1. BAWARCHI (1972)

The story is centered around the squabbling Sharma family, headed by their eccentric Daduji, which has a dubious reputation of the inability to retain a cook for more than a few months. Raghu, a young man offers to work as a cook and is hired. He lives up to challenges and become a favorite of the family. Paintal played the role of Dance Master Guruji in the film.

  1. PIYA KA GHAR (1972)

Piya Ka Ghar tries to tell the scarcity of living space in the populated city of Mumbai. Ram and Malti are newly married couple and couldn’t find privacy due to their one-room home. This causes problems in their life. Paintal played the role of Arun in the film.

  1. PARICHAY (1972)

The film is about misunderstandings between a grandfather and his five grandchildren and how Ravi, tutor to the grandchildren succeeds in reforming them and marrying Rama, eldest of them. Paintal showed his comic brilliance in the role of Panditji.


Two groups consisting of females and males are attacked by a zombie-like creature in the jungles of Southern parts of India. Two members of each group are killed which causes panic. Paintal played the role of Totaram in the film.

  1. HEERA PANNA (1973)

Heera is a grieving photographer who has lost his girlfriend Reema, an air-hostess in a plane accident. Panna, a thief hide a stolen diamond in Heera’s car. Heera decides to save Panna as Panna is the younger sister of Rekha. Paintal played the character of Kamal.

  1. ROTI (1974)

Mangal Singh goes to a village to live with the parents of Shravan, whom he has accidentally killed while running away from the jail. How he repents his sins forms the story of the film. Paintal played the role of the headmaster of the village school.

  1. KHOTE SIKKAY (1974)

Ramu comes to the city to ask for the help of his friend Jaggu to fight dacoit Junga in his village who has killed Ramu’s father.  Jaggu comes with his 4 other friends to the village to save the people. These 5 people are KhoteSikkay. Paintal played the role of Ramu.

  1. JAWANI DIWANI (1972)

Thakur breaks all ties with his sister when she married her boyfriend, Ravi who is from an inferior background. Ravi’s younger brother falls in love with Thakur’s daughter  Neeta who has been promised in marriage to another person. Paintal played the role of Ratan.

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