Top 10 Movies of Pankaj Kapur

Top 10 Movies of Pankaj Kapur

Pankaj Kapur is an Indian theatre and film actor who is known for his work in theatre and films in Bollywood. Recipient of National Film Award he is known for his impeccable acting. His son Shahid Kapoor is also a superstar of Bollywood. His top 10 movies are-

  1. MAQBOOL (2003)

Adapted from Macbeth, play by Shakespeare, Maqbool tells the story of Maqbool as he works for Jahangir Khan aka Abba Ji and is in love with Abba Ji’s mistress Nimmi. The two policemen predict that soon Maqbool will rule the underworld. Maqbool is torn between his love for Nimmi and loyalty for Abba Ji. Abba Ji is played by Pankaj Kapur who was awarded National Film Award for his role.


It is a satire on the caste system of India where Charandas wants to marry Chameli, daughter of Kallumal, a coal depot owner. How they overcome the prejudice related to the caste system with the help of Advocate Harish forms the unique plot of the film. PanakKapur was praised for his performance of Kallumal.

  1. RAAKH (1989)

Raakh tells the story of Aamir as he is filled with rage when he wasn’t able to save his girlfriend from being raped by the hand of Karmali’s man. He is befriended by a police inspector Kapoor who was also there as a silent witness but couldn’t do anything. Together they begin to eliminate man of Karmali. Pankaj Kapur played the role of Inspector Kapoor.

  1. AROHAN (1983)

Arohan tells the story of Hari, a farmer who fights a case against Jotdar. He is aided by the village teacher and advocate friend who fights his case for free. It tells the anger and fight of Hari against the system having a backdrop of the communist movement. Pankaj Kapur played the role of a village teacher.


It tells the fight of an elderly couple Mohan Joshi and his wife against a landlord whose building has collapsed where they used to live. In the end, the landlord hires his man to fix supporters so that the building stands in front of a judge. Mohan Joshi in rase breaks the supports and building collapsed on him. Pankaj Kapur played the role of Promoter in the film.

  1. HALLA BOL (2008)

HallaBol tells the story of Ashfaque who becomes a superstar of films by the name of Sameer and loses his identity. He is aided by his mentor Sidhu, a reformed dacoit who is working to eradicate the corruption from the system. Pankaj Kapur played the role of Sidhu.

  1. TOBA TEK SINGH (2018)

Toba Tek Singh is based on the story by Saadat Hassan Manto and starred PanakKapur in the role of mad Toba Tek Singh. The film is against the backdrop of India Pakistan partition much like other stories of Manto and takes place in an old mental asylum on India Pakistan Border where sorting of prisoners is going on.

  1. BLUE UMBRELLA (2005)

The film revolves around Biniya and shopkeeper Nandkishore Khatri. Biniyagets a Japanese Blue Umbrella and is talk of village and Khatri want that umbrella for himself. When the umbrella goes missing Biniya accuses Khatri of stealing it could not prove. Later Khatri gets a red umbrella and becomes a celebrity in the village. Pankaj Kapur played the role of Khatri.


It tells the story of Harry, his daughter Bijlee and Matru and as they get included in a plot where Harry wants to make his village named after his family Mandola, to be a special economic zone but couldn’t do so because the villagers are not agreeing to sell their land to the government at low prices. Pankaj Kapur played the role of Harry.


Pankaj Kapur played the role of Mussaddi Lal Tripathi who is having a fight against the government for proving that he is alive despite having been written as being dead in government files.

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