Top 10 Movies of Parikshit Sahni

Top 10 Movies of Parikshit Sahni

Parikshit Sahni is an Indian actor who works in Hindi films from 1968 and is considered one of the few actors who can act in the role of an aged man so brilliantly as he can. He gained much acclaim by playing the lead role in TV Serial Gul Gulshan Gulfaam and Gaatha. His top 10 movies are-

  1. ANOKHI RAAT (1968)

The events depicted in the film take place on a single night and results in several characters sharing their life stories. It is a fascinating depiction of some of the challenges faced by the poor and by women in Indian society, some of which continue to this day. The characters include a simple man turned dacoit, a painter, a wealthy man who is saving property from the auction on the offer of marrying the daughter of the owner of the building, and several other characters. Painter is played by Parikshit Sahni.

  1. 3 IDIOTS (2009)

Parikshit Sahni played the role of Mr. Qureshi, a strict yet loving father who only wants success and happiness for his son. Initially, against Farhan’s wish to become a wildlife photographer, he later agrees to his explanation and grants him his permission to pursue the career he wants him to.


Parikshit Sahni acted as Colonel Swarnik Agnihotri, father of Luv and Kush who is having an ego fight with Mr. Dilip Dixit, father of Dimple. When he gets to know that Kush loves Dimple, his would-be sister-in-law, he is initially against this as the marriage between Luv and Dimple is as their respect is at stake. But later agrees to the situation.

  1. PAVITRA PAAPI (1970)

Parikshit Sahni appeared in the role of Kedarnath, a guilt-ridden man who is doing everything he can to compensate for the bad he has done to the family of Pannalal. He helps his wife and arranges the marriage of his daughter and later goes away. This all is done because due to Kedarnath, Pannalal lost his job.


Parikshit Sahni played the role of Indian freedom fighter Sardar Udham Singh. The film depicts the story of the massacre of Jallian Wala Bagh by the hands of General Dyer who ordered hundreds of soldiers to kill hundreds of innocent people gathered in Jallian Wala Bagh during the time of Indian Freedom Struggle.

  1. TAPASYA (1976)

Tapasya – meaning penance is the story of Indu, eldest child of Prof Chandrakant Sinha takes on the responsibility of rearing her younger siblings, Vinod, Madhu, and the youngest sister. Indu is the breadwinner of the family and acts as both father and mother to the children. The family doctor, young Sagar Verma who treated Chandrakant through his terminal illness falls in love with Indu, which is reciprocated. Parikshit Sahni played the role of Dr. Sagar Verma and the film won the prestigious National Film Award that year.

  1. AANSU AUR MUSKAN (1970)

The film tells the story of Laxmi, an illegitimate child of Mahesh and Radha. Radha has killed herself when Mahesh refused to recognize her and Laxmi grows up and comes to Bombay in search of her father. When she wins the lottery, every relative of hers comes to her to steal the money including her father. Parikshit played the role of Mahesh.

  1. CHANCE PE DANCE (2010)

It is the story of Sameer Behl, an aspiring Bollywood superstar who is good at acting and is told by everyone in his life that he is hero material. The film depicts his struggle at love life and success. His father is played by Parikshit Sahni, who is a widower.

  1. KABHIE KABHIE (1976)

When Vikky and Sweety fall in love with each other, various secrets are revealed. Vikky’s mother Pooja used to love Sweety’s father Amit but they couldn’t get married due to Pooja’s father. When old lovers meet situation takes a different turn. Parikshit Sahni played the role of Dr. R.P. Kapoor.

  1. DOOSRA AADMI (1977)

Nisha has lost her boyfriend Shashi in a tragic accident. Years later her boss Karan reminds her of Shashi, but Karan is already married to Times. Parikshit played the role of Bisham in the film.

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