Top 10 Movies of Prakash Raj

Top 10 Movies of Prakash Raj

Prakash  Raj is an Indian multilingual actor who works in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Hindi film industry. An avid theatre practitioner he has done more than 300 stage plays and street theatre. Recipient of 3 National Film Awards he is also a director and producer and a well-sought name in Indian films. His top 10 films are-

  1. SINGHAM (2011)

Singham tells the story of inspector Bajirao Shingham who gets in the fight against gangster politician Jaikant Shikre. Singham is tired of corruption in the police system and decides to take action against Shikre himself and thus endangers the lives of his loved ones. Prakash Raj was praised for his performance in the role of Jaikant Shikre.

  1. WANTED (2009)

Radhe is an undercover officer of police who is in search of Mafia head Gani Bhai. Gani Bhai is himself is searching for him as he has been told that an undercover officer by the name of Rajveer Shekhawat is searching for him. Prakash Raj’s funny yet quirky portrayal of Gani Bhai was well praised.

  1. DABANGG 2 (2012)

Inspector Chulbul Pandey gets in ways of struggling politician Thakur Bachcha Singh as he kills his henchman in a fight. Bachcha Singh tries to set an example of Chulbul Pandey as a reminder to people for opposing him. Prakash Raj played the role of Bachcha Singh.


The film depicts the life story of Indian National champion runner and Olympian Milkha Singh urf The Flying Sikh. The movie follows events from the partition of India to his winning the National Championship and how he is haunted by the ghosts of his past. Prakash Raj played the role of Veerapandian in the film.


An old but stylish hitman Vijju comes to Mumbai to eliminate his target but his life gets entangled with a police inspector Karan Malhotra who has decided to clean Mumbai of crime under two months. Kabir Bedi, an international don is after Karan’s life. Prakash Raj played the role of Kabir Bedi.


Akhil  Lokhande is told that he is the stepson of a wealthy man but his father has made his dog Entertainment the sole heir of his property and assets. Akhil tries to kill the dog but later comes to love him when he saves Akhil’s life. Akhil’s cousins Karan and Arjun are after the bill also. The film was a comedy and Prakash Raj was praised for his comical role as Karan Johri.

  1. HEROPANTI (2014)

Bablu falls in love with Dimpy when he is caught by his father as he has helped his friend Rakesh in marrying Chaudhary’s daughter Renu. Chaudhary is a well-known name in the village and can’t forgive the man who has made his name a laughing matter. Bablu realizes his love for Dimpy and tries to fight for it. Prakash Raj played the role of a strict yet loving father of Dimpy and Renu.


The film depicts the life story of honest Singh Saab who has a messy past due to his rivalry with crime lord Bhoodev. Bhoodev is responsible for the death of Singh Saab’s wife. Prakash Raj played the role of crime lord Bhoodev.

  1. POLICEGIRI (2013)

The film is a comedy-action film that depicts the actions of honest DCP Rudra who uses unorthodox ways to deal with criminals and he is especially opposed by crime lord Nagori Subramanyam in the town of Karimnagar. Prakash Raj played the role of Nagori with a nice twist and quirk which made the audience laugh very much.

  1. ZANZEER (2013)

ACP Vijay Khanna is a brutally honest police officer who is transferred constantly and he is haunted by his past where his parents were killed by a mysterious man. Now, he is the obstacle in the way of oil mafia head Teja. He must fight Teja to save his girlfriend and the free city of his crimes. Teja is played by Prakash Raj.

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