Top 10 Movies of Prateik Babbar

Top 10 Movies of Prateik Babbar

Prateik Babbar is the son of actress Smita Patil and Raj Babbar and works in Hindi films along with Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil cinema. He won critical and commercial acclaim starting from his debut film Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na and later took a break from acting for drug rehabilitation. He made his comeback with Umrika which won positive response in film festivals. His top 10 movies are-

  1. JAANE TU… YA JAANE NA (2008)

Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na follows the love story of Jai and Aditi and how they grow together from fighting with each other on small things to realizing that they love each other. The film is set up in their college time and follows their friends too. Prateik Babbar played the role of Amit, brother of Aditi who hates Jai for his nature and regularly fights with Aditi over it.

  1. MULK (2018)

Mulk follows Advocate Aarti Mohammad as she fights for the release of her father-in-law Murad Ali Mohammed after Murad’s nephew Shahid is found out to be a terrorist. The film is against the backdrop that all Muslims in India are terrorists and opposes this notion. Prateik Babbar played the role of Shahid and was praised for his performance.

  1. DHOBI GHAT (2011)

Dhobi Ghat follows the lives of Arun, Munna, and Shai. Arun is a reclusive artist living in Mumbai and has a one night stand with Shai, a photographer by hobby. She is hurt and Arun moves away. Munna, a dhobi dream of doing big in Bollywood helps Shai and eventually falls in love with her. Prateik Babbar was praised for his role as Munna.

  1. AARAKSHAN (2011)

Aarakshan is against the backdrop of reservation of low caste people in educational exams and institutions. Deepak is a low-caste man and is refused a job in many places due to his low caste. His friend Sushant is an upper caste boy. When the government grants reservations to backward class the division appears among many friends including Deepak and Sushant. Deepak’s mentor Prabhakar Anand also comes under its influence and rivalry between him and Mithilesh Kumar Singh, a seat holder in the school’s managerial committee starts. Prateik Babbar played the role of Sushant in the film.

  1. CHHICHHORE (2019)

The film tells the story of Anirudh as he befriends a group of so-called ‘losers’ at the college hostel and they try to win the games to prove otherwise. The film depicts that the people who try to win are not losers. Prateik Babbar played the role of Raggie, a senior and champion of athletics in the college of Anirudh.

  1. DUM MAARO DUM (2011)

Dum Maaro Dum deals with the drug scandal in Goa and follows the story of Inspector Kamath who is after this racket. He learns of a drug deal involving DJ Joki, Zoey, Biscuit and Lorry. All of them are youngsters. Lorry is played by Prateik Babbar.

  1. BAAGHI 2 (2018)

Baaghi 2 tells the story of Captain Ranveer “Ronnie” Pratap Singh as he tries to find his 3-year-old daughter from her former girlfriend Neha who is now wife of Shekhar. In doing so he discovers many secrets. Prateik Babbar played the role of Sunny, brother of Shekhar.

  1. MY FRIEND PINTO (2011)

The film tells the story of aspiring musician Michael Pinto who turns a priest as per her dying mother’s last wish. He befriends an aspiring dancer Maggie. In trying to save Maggie from a pimp he gets into ways of a gangster. Prateik Babbar played the role of Michael Pinto.

  1. UMRIKA (2015)

The film depicts Ramakant’s search for his older brother Udaii in the United States who has been gone missing for a long time. Ramakant has been getting a letter from Udaii which was sent by his father and uncle. Prateik Babbar played Udaii.

  1. EKK DEEWANA THA (2012)

It follows Sachin Kulkarni, an aspiring filmmaker who falls in love with Jessie, his neighbor. The love affair between them gets into the eyes of Sachin’s family who are against this. Sachin is played by Prateik Babbar.

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