Top 10 Movies of Prem Chopra

Top 10 Movies of Prem Chopra

Prem Chopra is an Indian actor who has acted in more than 300 films over a span of 60 years. A leading villain in most of his career he acted in 19 films with Rajesh Khanna and gained praise for his unique soft voice and playing the villainous roles. His top 10 films are-

  1. TEESRI MANZIL (1996)

Prem Chopra played the role of Ramesh in the film. Ramesh is the fiancée of Roopa and is suspected of killing her. Anil is a drummer by the name of Rocky and he was involved with Roopa before her supposed suicide. Her younger sister Sunita tries the uncover the truth of the killer.

  1. UPKAR (1967)

It is the story of two brothers Bharat and Puran. Bharat does everything to get his brother educated but get’s stabbed in the back when his brother starts selling drugs during the war and asks for his share of the property. Bharat tries to reform his brother but gets no luck. Prem Chopra played the role of Puran in the film.

  1. HULCHUL (1971)

Hulchul tells the story where Peter and Kitty decide to fail the plan of Mahesh Jetley as he is trying to kill his wife with the help of his mistress. They have overheard them talking but the problem is they haven’t seen Mahesh. After investigation, they find out that there are 3 Mahesh and all of them are having bad marriage life. Prem Chopra played the role of one of the Mahesh Jetley.

  1. DULHE RAJA (1998)

Dulhe Raja is a comedy film where Raja is in love with Kiran, daughter of wealthy K. K. Singhania. Kiran is in the trap of Rahul who is after her money and is aided by Bishambar Nath. Singhania considers Raja his enemy and to make her father agree to her marriage with Rahul she decides to make Raja her boyfriend which leads to various funny situations. Bishambhar Nath is played by Prem Chopra.

  1. RAJA BABU (1994)

It tells the story of Raja Babu who is raised by village landlord Kishen Singh and Janki Singh. Earlier a spoiled brat Raja turns into a good son after learning that he is an orphan. Kishen Singh is attacked by his greedy brother Lakhan Singh. Raja takes revenge from Lakhan Singh. Lakhan Singh is played by Prem Chopra.

  1. DO ANJAANE (1976)

Do Anjaane deals with the story of Amit Roy who is supposed to be deceased by the hands of Ranjit Mallick. Ranjit becomes the manager of his wife Rekha as she becomes a successful actress by the name of Sunita. Amit is saved by a couple and forgets his past and is treated by that couple as their own son. After six years Amit remembers his past and decides to take revenge from his friend turned enemy Ranjit. Prem Chopra played the role of Ranjit.

  1. KATI PATANG (1971)

Kati Patang tells the story of Madhu and Kamal and how she takes the identity of Poonam to save her child. Kailash, her boyfriend is after Poonam’s in-laws’ money. He discloses her identity to the family. Prem Chopra played the role of Kailash.

  1. DES PARDES (1978)

Des Pardes is the story of a search of Samir through the eyes of Veer, his brother. Samir is working in UK and Veer comes in search of his to the UK and finds that there various Indian’s are working under the pretext of false passports and trying to get their work through. Veer comes across murder, deceit, and traps in the search. Prem Chopra played the role of Bansilal in the film.

  1. DOLI (1969)

Doli follows two friends Amar and Prem. Prem has rejected a girl in his younger days and falls in love with her after many years not knowing that she is the same girl whom he rejected without seeing her. Amar is married to Shobha and wants to have a new wife. Prem is played by Prem Chopra.

  1. DAAG (1973)

Daag is the story of Sunil and Sonia. Sonia is molested by Sunil’s boss’ son Dheeraj and in the fight Sunil kills Dheeraj. He is arrested and the car meets with accident and Sunil supposedly dies. Many years later, Sonia finds out that Sunil is not dead but married to another girl. Prem Chopra played the role of Dheeraj.

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